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    ANOTHER VCB error

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      I've got a VCB 1.1 implementation that seems to work fine when I run the vcbmounter command as the administrator user, but errors out when I run the command as my 'vcbuser' which only has the "VMware Consolidated Backup User" role. It works flawlessly if I run it as either the Administrator user, or if I add the vcbuser to the local Administrators group on the VC server. I've tried granting the vcbuser the Administrator role within VC and still get the same error.


      The command I am running on the VCB proxy looks like this




      vcbmounter -h myvcserver -u vcbuser -p password -a moref:vm-53 -r D:\test-fullVM -t fullvm




      output trimmed



      2007-12-18 10:04:49.982 'blocklist' 3028 error Could not renew disk lease. Aborting operation.

      2007-12-18 10:04:50.013 'BlockList' 3028 error

      Converting "D:\test-fullVM\scsi0-0-0-test-w2k3.vmdk" (compact file):



      2007-12-18 10:04:50.435 'vcbMounter' 3028 error Error: Failed to export the disk: I/O Operation failed

      2007-12-18 10:04:50.435 'vcbMounter' 3028 error An error occurred, cleaning up...

      Deleted directory D:\test-fullVM



      VC shows the creation of a snapshot, the removal of the snapshot, and release of the disk lease during both the successful (Administrator) and the unsuccessful (non-Administrator) cases, so those actions are successful.  The vcbuser is a domain account that is in the Administrators group on the VCB proxy.