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    Installing DOS 6.22

    chipgeorge Lurker

      Hello.  I am trying to install DOS 6.2 on to my MBP as a VM in fusion.  The installation process starts smoothly, but half way throgh DOS asks me to insert Setup Disk #1 to my E drive (my super drive).  My Dos installation disk is already inseted.  I even reburned the DOS install disk, Calling it "setup disk #1".  I then though that DOS might be looking for a Floppy Disk.  I was able to find a virtual floppy disk.  Again, the insatller recognizes this floppy, but I can not get much past that.  I know I am close.  I there a document about installing DOS using Fusion?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          WoodyZ Guru

          You cannot install DOS 6.22 from CD-ROM.  You must use Floppy Disk Images and a Virtual Floppy added to the Virtual Machine.  If you have physical floppy diskettes you will need to create virtual floppy disk images which would mean on a Mac you'd have to plug in an External USB Floppy and then use dd or maybe Disk Utility.  I forget whether Disk Utility can do it but I know dd can do it.


          Have a look at: VMware Fusion menu > Help > VMware Fusion Help > Managing Virtual Machines > Configuring a Floppy Device

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            jasonh1234 Lurker


            I have a USB external floppy (which apparantly cannot be used to install from) and I have tried creating an unecrypted, uncompressed, read/write disk image (renamed to flp) and used as  a device for the VM.



            Nothing works. The vm just hangs upon starting.



            I've tried DOS 6 and 6.2and am using VMWare Fusion 2.0









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              WoodyZ Guru

              Well you didn't say how you were creating the floppy image however I will say that I have no problem creating a floppy disk image of a floppy in a USB Floppy Drive attached to my MBP using dd or Disk Utility.


              In a Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) the following command syntax works.


              dd if=/dev/BSD_Name_USB_Floppy_Drive of=Floppy_Disk_Name.img


              Example: In System Profiler the BSD Name of the USB Floppy Drive connected to my MBP at the moment is named "disk3" and using a DOS 6.22 Setup Disk 1 I used the following command.


              MacBookPro:~ WKZ$ dd if=/dev/disk3 of=DOS_622_Setup_Disk_1.img

              2880+0 records in

              2880+0 records out

              1474560 bytes transferred in 112.648263 secs (13090 bytes/sec)

              MacBookPro:~ WKZ$


              I then assigned DOS_622_Setup_Disk_1.img to the Floppy in the target Virtual Machine's Settings and it booted just fine and started the DOS 6.22 Setup.


              If you want to use Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility) you need to set the Image Format to DVD/CD master and Encryption to none.