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    VI Consolidation Tab

    steve4747 Novice


      I seem to be missing the Consolidation Tab within the VI client. I have installed the Enterprise converter which is all enabled and working and ideas how I can see this option?









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          dpomeroy Virtuoso


          You have to install both client and server side and then enable the plugin on the client side.



          In VC go to Plugins->Manage Plugins



          There is an Available and Installed Tab, and also an "enabled" check box on the Installed Tab. If everything is installed and enabled you may have some other problem.



          Don Pomeroy

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            steve4747 Novice


            Using VI Client on the server I have installed and enabled Converter Enterprise - this is the only plugin available. Do I need to do something else?









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              dpomeroy Virtuoso

              There is a client and server side. On the server that runs VC you should have a VMware Converter Enterprise service running, and it should show up under add/remove programs. It almost sounds like you just installed the client side.





              Don Pomeroy

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                steve4747 Novice

                Converter Enterprise for Virtual Center is showing in Add/Remove programs on the server and I can import machines OK but just don't see the consolidation tab within VI Client. Strange.

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                  jamieorth Expert


                  OK, have to ask, did you choose to install this when you installed VC2.5?








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                    lreesey-old Enthusiast


                    I'm having a similar issue, however, I have some VI clients that have the consolidation button while others do not.  Any thoughts?



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                      snapper$ Novice


                      I performed the obvious actions:  complete reinstall of VC2.5.0 update 1, reinstalled converter plugin, repair, but did not solve my missing Consolidation button problem.



                      I opened my VI client on my notebook to the virtual center server, then followed the process of installing the



                      VMWare Converter Enterprise plugin, and enabled it.  but sadly also it did not work.



                      The "VMware Converter Enterprise Service" is running on my notebook, and after rebooting notebook still no






                      When I open the VI client on VC server, and connect to localhost, it takes more then 4 minutes before opening.

                      but when the converter plugin is not installed it goes quick less then 30 seconds. Strange?



                      My VC server OS = Windows 2003 R2 Service Pack 2 perhaps something in my client ?






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                        Radster Novice


                        Hello, same problem here, any pointers to solutions would be much appreciated.









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                          Radster Novice

                          In reply to myself the humbler RESTART of virtual centre box seems to have fixed the problem. Next time I get a flat tire I'll just turn the engine on and off couple of times ... 'doh.

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                            Nautilus Hot Shot


                            Hi Steve,



                            i think you are using VCenter 2.5/Update1. Something is changed in this Version.






                            1. Install capacityplaner.exe is on the Vcenter cd in VPX Folder



                            2. edit  vpxd.cfg in in all user profile path and remove the lines








                            3. restart Vcenter.



                            4. try again






                            Kind regards







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                              RobertAnders Novice

                              Thank you very much, it work!

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                                dwcrist Enthusiast


                                Nautilus, I ran the CapacityPlanner.exe.  It copied some files, no prompts.



                                I searched my entire C drive, and do not have a vpxd.cfg file anywhere.  Do I need to reboot or cycle something just to see that file?



                                Also, is there a Capacity Planning service that I should have?



                                Thanks for any help,






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                                  dmadden Enthusiast


                                  vpxd.cfg is your virtualcenter configuration file.



                                  Default location is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\



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                                    dwcrist Enthusiast

                                    Yeah, I found it.  The lovely search provided by Microsoft doesn't search hidden folders by default.  I still don't see those lines in my file.  I'm waiting for a clone to finish so I can do a reboot of the VC server to see if that will clean up anything.   Thanks.