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    Reconfigure CPUs in VM

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      I've grabbed an image of a 2003 server that had 4 CPUs. Once I get it into a VM I can reduce it down to 2 CPUs with no problem. But then going back and reducing from 2 CPU to 1 CPU, causes the CPU to spike to 100% and I can't get in the box to fix the HAL. I've also tried changing the HAL from multiprocessor to uniprocessor prior to going from 2 CPU to 1 CPU.



      Any thoughts on how to fix this? I don't usually have this problem when taking images from boxes that have 2 CPUs to start with. Not sure why the 4 CPU thing is causing such a problem.



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          I had this problem on a windows 2000 server I p2v'd.  It was 2 processors on the physical box (dual core).  When I made it a VM, it 2 vCPU as well.  To set things right (I had weird CPU utilization showing on the VI Client vs the actual VM), I ended up changing the HAL to a single processor HAL and assigning a single vCPU to the machine.






          Try changing your HAL in the OS (before) switching from 2 vCPUs to 1 vCPU.  That should do the trick.






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