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    Missing 50GB after deleting VM?

    Joel Sisko Novice


      I have VM Server 2 Beta 2 running on CentOS 5 64Bit. I created a VM in which I specified for it to allocate 50GB, which it did. Midway through installing the Guest OS (CentOS as well) on the VM, I ran into a error which I feel was due to the fact I ejected the DVD. So I decided to delete the VM and start over. When I deleted the VM, the 50GB allocated for the VM was (seems) to have not been released.  Using "df" I have this:




      Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on


                           781164968 444990948 295852996  61% /

      /dev/sda1               101086     18305     77562  20% /boot

      tmpfs                  6149480         0   6149480   0% /dev/shm