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    runProgramInGuest from Linux to Windows is failing

    estranged Lurker


      Hello all.



      I searched for this all over google and here on this site but I cannot find and answer.



      The host is Linux and the guest is Windows2k-pro.  VMware is version 6.



      I am trying to send a command using vmrun from linux to windows and I am getting



      Error: Command failed: A file was not found



      This is the command that I am running:



      vmrun  -gu windows -gp password runProgramInGuest /home/george/vmware/'Windows 2000 Professional'/'Windows 2000 Professional.vmx' c:\winnt\system32\notepad.exe



      I also tried removing the .exe at the end but still it is not working.



      Arguements such as reset, start and so forth are working with no problem.






      Please help?



      Thank you.