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    SOLVED:  XP Pro 32-bit Guest install hangs during "Installing devices" on Debian Etch Host

    Cole Brand Novice



      Debian Etch 4.02

      Linux Kernel 2.6.18-6-amd64

      VMWare Server 1.05 build 80187

      16GB RAM on Dual Xeon E5410 on Supermicro board with 750GB available RAID5 for VM storage (that should be sufficient to describe the hardware)





      Windows XP Pro (winxppro)

      RAM allocated in config: 1024MB

      CD attached to ISO

      no floppy attached

      1 CPU allocated

      Standard VMNet PCI network adapter bridged

      HDD setup as SCSI with 8GB allocated in preallocated mode (monolithic-flat? there is a -flat.vmdk that is the correctly expected size)

      config.version = 8

      virtualHW.version = 4



      I've already provisioned a test Win2k3 std server using similar specs (obviously more ram and a larger hdd) and that install was screaming fast. I don't know if I just need to reset this vm and try again, but I wanted to make sure that there wasn't some sort of known bug before continuing (like not using SCSI for the HDD?). It's obviously already found and partitioned the HDD, as it's in the gui mode of the install.



      So really, I'm stuck looking at a XP Pro install "installing devices" and couldn't find any info in the forums using my search terms (obviously I might have missed something).



      EDIT: Okay, I meant to mention that this is the second install I'm doing on VMs on this server, but I've used VMWare Server personally since 1.02 with no problems with installs (makes me think this is a fluke) as well as I use VirtualBox on my laptop, so I'm familiar with the processes as far as using the wizards and editing some of the files by hand (not that I encourage the use of editing them, but hey). So if that means anything to anybody. I'm going to setup more XP Pro on the same box later for a private network for test, but for today, I'm just confused as to why this install hung, and figure I missed something.




      Cole Brand



      PS: Another question, does an nLite install iso work well with VMWare Server for something like this? As I'm typing this post, I thought about that and am curious if it would speed things along.



      EDIT Redux: Man, you gotta love a 10 minute install of XP!!!