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    Question Regarding SNMP configuration on ESX 3.5i host server

    Elwappo Enthusiast


      I recently set up a new ESX 3.5i host and ran into a stumbling block configuring SNMP.


      Like most other IT shops we utilize SNMP to monitor performance and send alerts regarding different aspects of how our servers are performing.  I want to be able to monitor this server as I do my ESX 3.0.2 host server. 




      The problem:




      When I attempt to configure the communities and such via the remote command line interface the following error is returned:








      The command(s) I am running:




      vicfg-snmp.pl --server server ip goes here --username root --password insert password here -c insert community name here 




      The command attempts to run as I see a brief message that says "Configuring community name." But then it faults out with the failed.faultRestrictedVersion.summary error.








      This error is returned when I attempt to reset or modify the SNMP configuration.  If I do a show command it runs with no problem.



      I'm hoping the answer isn't you have to use Virtual Center to monitor and alter something like SNMP.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!












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