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    Performance data not showing beyond one day

    HendersonD Hot Shot


      I have two ESX 3.5 hosts and 11 VMs under them. I can successfully pull up performance data on the hosts and VMs in real time and for the past day on any performance metric. When I try to pull up performance for past week, month or year I get "Performance data is currently not available for this entity". Under Server Configuration I have it set to gather stats for each of these time spans with level 1. I am storing my VC database on a SQL 2005 server. I ran some maintenance on the database (reorganize indexes, shrink database, integrity check, clean up history, and update stats) and it improved how fast the graphs display but no luck seeing any data beyond one day. My severs are running ESX3.5 with Update 1 and I have Virtual Center 2.5 with Update 1.



      I have been scouring the discussions looking for other solutions and so far nothing. Any ideas?



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          Are the stat rollup procedures present in the VC database under Programmability --> Stored Procedures?


          Are the SQL agent jobs call Past Day rollup/etc present under SQL Server Agent --> Jobs?

          When did they last run and when are they due next to run? Do they have any errors in their history? (Right click the job and click history)


          Is the SQL agent service running? Check services.

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            kjb007 Guru

            Restart your hostd processes on the esx hosts as well.  service mgmt-vmware restart, service vmware-vpxa restart



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              HendersonD Hot Shot



              You were right, I did not even realize that these jobs should exist. I am not sure why they were not created automatically in SQL but this thread gives the exact procedure on how to add them if they are not there:






              I will monitor it over the next few days and hopefully historical data will now start accumulating.



              kjb007 - Do you think I still need to restart some processes to make this work? I am going to show my ignorance here, I am not sure how to get to the command line on my two ESX servers in order to invoke these commands.

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                kjb007 Guru

                If the rollup jobs are not running, then it's a database thing. If they were running, and you weren't seeing updates, then I would say it may be a process thing. Get the jobs done first, and then if they are still not working, come back to the console, and restart the service.






                To get to the command line, on your ESX console hit Alt+F1, and you'll see a login prompt. Login with root and your password, and you'll see a prompt. Then, you can run console commands as you'll see requested fairly often here.



                Good luck.












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