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    "no boot device found" after re-partitioning, and reverting

    jg167 Novice

      I started with the usual main + bootcamp partitions on a MacBookPro 2.2Ghz (all apple sw updates & firmware updates installed).  Fusion has been running fine in this mode.

      Then I shrunk my main partition to add in another between main and bootcamp, bad idea.  I should have realized that changed the partition number of the bootcamp partition so now XP would not boot natively nor via vmware.  Ok, lesson learned, I deleted that extra partition so now the numbers are back as they were.  Now XP boots natively just fine, but vmware will not.  I deleted the bootcamp virtual machine from the VM library (not sure that does anything), uninstalled fusion, reinstalled (1.1.2) and while it finds the bootcamp partition just fine, it won't run.  When I run that VM I see a command line window with


      CLIENT MAC ADDR: ......   GUID: ......

      DHCP: with the spinning bar, is then replaced by the following line

      PXE-E53: No boot filename received

                            a dialog comes up here that says "no boot device found", when you click ok the command output completes with


      PXE-MBF: Exiting Intel PXE ROM.

      Operating System not found



      so what gives?  Since XP boots, I'm a bit at a loss to see why Fussion won't  Suggestions?