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    PSOD on DELL Poweredge 29xx running ESX 3.5 and RESCAN Storage Adapters or VMFS

    christian_ellger Novice


      have an issue with DELL Poweredge 29xx and ESX 3.5.

      Installes Bios 2.2.6 (latest). Please be aware to have install Bios higher 2.1.x. because earlier Bios did not boot ESX 3.5 when starting megaraid_sas driver.


      When running RESCAN Storage Adapters or VMFS s the ESX PSOD in reproducible way.

      Verified on different systems and doublecheck with vmware support.


      Other Vendors are still affected ( HP, FSC etc.)


      No solution yet.


      Sometimes RESCAN from COS works esxcfg-rescan vmhba in our DELL evironments.


      Any idea