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    Performance tips?

    etchak Novice

      Hi All,

      Is there a list available with the performance tips for beta 2?


      Disk access is slow when compared to version 1.


      My first tip:

      Disabling Last Access Updating in Windows file system


      open regedit.

      go to


      Create a new DWORD value in the right-hand pane named NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate and give it a value of 1.


      you need to restart the system before it will take effect

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          ihudak Enthusiast

          2. For NTFS format the partition with the virtual HDDs with 64-bit cluster. Keep the partition not fragmented

          2. For Linux - from my tests I have found that reiserfs is the fastest filesystem for holding VMs

          3. Always allocate HHD space for the virtual disks

          4. Do not set to the VMs more then 1.5 GB RAM (independently of the host's RAM) especially when several VMs are running simultaneously (see discussing "More then 2 GB RAM for XP virtual machine" in VMWare Worskation beta community for more details).

          5. Always install the latest VMWare Tools

          6. Enable write cache for virtual HDDs

          7. Keep the partitions of virtual Windows machines not fragmented

          8. Do not run the VMs in the debugging or logging mode


          As far as the LastAccessUpdating, this is more actual for the guests. Host has just few files those correspond to each VM. It's not a big problem to update the LastAccess time for these few files.

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            Dono on Windows  but for me this Performance Tips / Hints / get rid of Debug helped on a linux host



            good luck