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        BryanMcC Expert

        I agree... I think that a "burn in" time is needed for the software

        update releases.. I will watch the forum before I move my files to

        permanent location.

        • 106. Re: MD5 Mayhem
          BryanMcC Expert

          Yes... Just wait.

          • 107. Re: MD5 Mayhem

            We have verified to date:

            • Build 84782 Posted on the VC 25 Update 1 is the correct build number for the installer package.

            • The correct zip file md5 checksum is 9146aa4743c0a56e37921f62fb898a64 The correct zip file size is 456,277 kb.

            • These are what are posted on the Web page.

            • The build number for VirtualCenter, post installation is 82767. (See the release notes)


            All of our tests are getting the right md5sum, so we suspect an issue with our content distribution network.

            We are currently flushing our Akamai caches worldwide, but this can take up to 4 hours.


            If you have downloaded a file with the incorrect md5 (6*), can you tell us:

            1. When did you download it, and what is the IP address of download2.vmware.com you downloaded from? 

            2. Were you using any sort of download manager and/or accelerator?


            If you did get an incorrect download, please try again in a few hours, say 7pm pacific (UTC - 7 hours), and let us know if you are not getting the correct md5sum.


            If you downloaded the ISO or the correct ZIP file, and you are having problems, please file an SR via your normal channels. Eric and the team of friendly escalation support specialists are reading this thread and standing by to look at your logs.


            When we are more certain we've identified the problem or that people are no longer getting the wrong file, we will let everybody know with a more official statement. Again, in the meantime, you can help us by doing an nslookup on download2 if you got the wrong md5sum, and if you have installed the update and are having problems, filing an SR normally. We're very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you, and appreciate everyone reporting here on the problems you've had.

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              beckhamk Expert


              John - I was feeling bored so i gave this awhirl to give you guys a hand.....






              I just now 7:25pm EST  downloaded the VC update1.  File size in windows explorer is 452,243kb   just downloaded through IE6 on our w2k3 server.  The has still doesnt match.



              IP from ping of download2.vmware.com is: 






              C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ping download2.vmware.com



              Pinging a1534.d.akamai.net with 32 bytes of data:






              Hope that helps!



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                dmanconi Hot Shot


                Just tried now from Auckland, New Zealand (not sure of time difference etc)



                But the wrong files was still coming down.



                Ping to download2.vmware.com goes to a1534.d.akamai.net



                Using IE7









                • 110. Re: MD5 Mayhem
                  stvkpln Master

                  Here's a new one: I just grabbed the zip right now, and the hash was, in fact, correct! So was the file size (attached the output from WinMD5). When I log into the VI Client, the build I'm getting for both server and client is 84767..... Files were downloaded about an hour ago.... Also, download2.vmware.com -> a1534.d.akamai.net ( I'm still not sure why the installer build is one rev and the actual post install build is another. That's, at best, a very confusing situation and frankly, it shouldn't be happening.

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                    jasonboche Champion
                    diztorted wrote:

                    >I'm still not sure why the installer build is one rev and the actual post install build is another. That's, at best, a very confusing situation and frankly, it shouldn't be happening.


                    Agree.  VMware has committed to explaining the build numbers much more clearly in the future.


                    [i]Jason Boche[/i]

                    [VMware Communities User Moderator|http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-2444][/i]

                    • 112. Re: MD5 Mayhem

                      I'm still not sure why the installer build is one rev and

                      the actual post install build is another. That's, at best,

                      a very confusing situation and frankly, it shouldn't be happening.


                      You have the correct files. From the release notes:

                      VMware Infrastructure Management Installer | 10 APR 2008 | Build 84782

                      VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 1 | 10 APR 2008 | Build 84767

                      Product management is reading this thread and the feedback, so I hope we can provide more clarity about what's going on next time.


                      Thanks for checking the IPs. We should see the Akamai network correct its caches over the next hour. For instance, Jason's getting the wrong file at home, but the right file at work now.

                      • 113. Re: MD5 Mayhem
                        jasonboche Champion

                        It's Monday evening and I now have the benefit of having both the "correct" .zip file and the "incorrect" zip file.  My curiosity was killing me so I decided to extract both .zip files and analyze the differences in bits using a handy tool called "Beyond Compare 2" which will perform file/directory comparisons and clearly show differences between the two.


                        Here's what I found:


                        The correct .zip:



                        Extracts to 55 files, 13 folders 552,462,397 bytes

                        MD5SUM:  9146aa4743c0a56e37921f62fb898a64




                        The incorrect .zip:



                        Extracts to 58 files, 13 folders 552,464,428 bytes

                        MD5SUM:  6201bd703a932750ca2b4b9fe68996d8




                        The "incorrect" .zip file has 3 extra files in it that the "correct" .zip file does not have:

                        \vpx\customLinks.xml   206 bytes  dated 3/31/08

                        \vpx\VMPartnerCustomize.cmd   403 bytes   dated 3/29/08

                        \vpx\VMPartnerCustomize.vbs   1,422 bytes   dated 3/29/08


                        The difference in the MD5SUM bits is not a matter of corruption.  It's a difference of 3 extra files.


                        Another difference is that all the files in the "incorrect" .zip have a time stamp with a 2 hour difference compared to the "correct" .zip.  It's as if the "incorrect" .zip file was compiled and zipped in the GMT -6 time zone and the "correct" .zip file was compiled and zipped in the GMT -8 time zone.


                        Looking at the contents of the 3 extra files, it looks like the Akamai cache was housing an "incorrect" .zip file meant for VMware Partners (Dell is mentioned) that was never meant to see the light of day but accidentally did.




                        [i]Jason Boche[/i]

                        [VMware Communities User Moderator|http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-2444][/i]

                        • 114. Re: MD5 Mayhem
                          davidbarclay Master


                          Hi Guys,



                          I've got some of the problems described, but figured another me too post wasn't too useful. However, to help with the testing...



                          I've just downloaded "VirtualCenter as a Zip file" and got download2.vmware.com which resolved to a1534.d.akamai.net



                          9146aa4743c0a56e37921f62fb898a64 - it matches!



                          Now to try and fix the mess I created in the lab by installing the broken one









                          • 115. Re: VI 3.5 Update 1 upgrade experiences
                            RParker Guru


                            > hosts are still at 3.0.2), able to deploy vm's from customized templates, vi client is not crashing, no issues with remote console connections






                            Same here, no problems.  I actually like the new VC, it's much better than before, I don't konw why so many other people are having problems, ours is absolutely perfect.



                            • 116. Re: MD5 Mayhem
                              jpoling Expert

                              I just downloaded the file and it has the following (I think wrong) MD5SUM:





                              The download site resolved as follows:



                              Name:    a1534.d.akamai.net


                              Aliases:  download2.vmware.com, download2.vmware.com.edgesuite.net



                              • 117. Re: MD5 Mayhem
                                davidbarclay Master

                                I've reinstalled VC Update 1 (the correct MD5), after doing a full uninstall and even recreating the VC database (it's a lab). It seems to behaving better now...however, doing one thing breaks the client without fail.


                                Can I ask someone who has done the upgrade, or a fresh install, who thinks it's working fine to click on "Configuration" -> "Licenced Features"?




                                Soon as I do that, the VC Client locks up and a few minutes later I get time out messages, then again again again until I kill the process.









                                • 118. Re: MD5 Mayhem
                                  kellino Hot Shot


                                  Not having that issue here.



                                  So far the only issues in a few days of use are a couple popups about a VPX log file in use and one time it closed itself without warning.



                                  We didn't modify our license server version yet.



                                  • 119. Re: VI 3.5 Update 1 upgrade experiences
                                    francois.tiers Hot Shot


                                    For the build response :



                                    VIM is build 74782 et VC is build 74767



                                    look here :  http://www.vmware.com/support/vi3/doc/vi3_esx35u1_vc25u1_rel_notes.html#patches



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