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    VI 3.5 Update 1 upgrade experiences

    jasonboche Champion

      I upgraded VirtualCenter 2.5.0 to 2.5 Update 1 today (using SQL Server 2005 SP2 back end).



      1.  The license server installation/upgrade is still not called as part of the autorun.exe as all other VI components are (VC server, VC client, VC Update Manager, VMware Converter for VC).  The license server installation/upgrade must still be performed as a separate step at the very beginning.


      2.  SQL back end users are no longer allowed to use the SQL Server 2003 ODBC driver packaged with Windows Server.  You must now download and use the SQL Native Client driver and rebuild your DSNs using this driver.  Available at:  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=50b97994-8453-4998-8226-fa42ec403d17&DisplayLang=en


      3.  VMware took the feedback of all the database upgrade issues being had with the release of VC2.5.0.  Helpful screens now guide us to the correct database upgrade permissions referencing the applicable VMware KB articles.  Furthermore, if by chance you grant your VirtualCenter SQL account the sysadmin role to SQL server, the upgrade picks up on this and presents you with a warning message that a new parallel set of database tables will be created rather than upgrading the existing infrastructure.  Failure to correct this situation will essentiall result in losing your datacenter after the upgrade is complete. 


      4.  Database upgrade completed without any issues.


      5.  Once completed, Help|About reflects VIC and VirtualCenter versions 2.5.0 build 84767.  Why not 2.5.1?  Why is the incorrect build number of 84767 shown instead of what's listed on VMware's website build 84782



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