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    Windows install takes over 3 hours with ESX 3.5

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      I just installed VMWare esx 3.5. I'm using HP Blade with EVA 4000, and I got problems with installing and using virtual machines.




      Installing ESX 3.5 went without errors, but installing Windows 2003 takes about 3 hours. The install stalls on 13 % (registering components) for hour or so. After I managed to install the Windows I wanted to update it to SP2.



      First SP2 install didn't pass, but after few tries it finaly looked like ok install. SP2 install also took hours. After SP2 install I lost the computer totaly. I can login but after that I just get blank screen and the desktop wont load.




      I removed the SP2 from safe mode and I was able to use the server again. I have tried to install SP2 from CD and internet. Both have the same result.




      I got same problem with every virtual machine I make. Anyone else having these problems? Any solutions?