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    Neeed suggestions on how to use Virtualization for testing...

    buskeyl Novice

      Sorry if this is off topic, I could not really see a perfect place to post this.




      I want to use Vmware (ESX most likely) to instantiate a testing environment. What I need to do is replicate a client and server connection across different networks (easy so far) but then I need the ability to introduce a variety of changing network conditions to my environment. The more diverse the options are the better. I need to be able to change latency, introduce packet loss, add jitter, simulate a SAT shot etc. I was told several times by several different people that this could be done with a virtual appliance, however I have scanned the repository, and see lots of network monitors, but nothing that appears to claim to do what I need.



      We don't have a lot of time to do this, so a GUI driven tool would be ideal. Can any of you out there help me?