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    ESX 3.5 and HP SIM Agent 8.0 and Emulex HBA

    MikeAT Novice


      Does anyone use the combination ESX 3.5 and HP SIM Agent 8.0 and Emulex HBA?


      We try to get the HP Agent working with the Emulex HBA. In the readme of the HP agent you can find a section telling that the libraries for HBAs are not included anymore.


      For the storage agents to display the correct information for the Qlogic and

      Emulex HBAs, the libraries corresponding to the Qlogic and Emulex driver

      versions have to be installed on the ESX Service Console.



      So in the standard configuration you cant see the HBA in the HP SIM Agent Hompage. We got it running for Qlogic HBAs (download the libraries, install it, rename one file and it worked) but the Emulex HBA dont work. Also its not clear for us if we really have to install HBAnyware which is listed for ESX 3.5 (http://www.emulex.com/ts/docoem/vmware/index.html) when we only need the libraries.