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      So what is the general reaction to VMware's VMsafe program?  Is it good for users?

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          No chance to have hands on with it of course, but from what has been advertised, to me it looks like a very positive direction.



          There is no such thing as 100% security, but anything that adds security without adding levels of difficulty to users is a good thing.



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            VMSafe additions will have to be handled with care, just like you would for VIC/VC Plugins. There is already a VIC plugin that will silently record everything you do and that data could be sent to anyone on the network. This is a worse case scenario but is very dangerous.


            Introduction of VMSafe opens up a vital API that the hackers/crackers have been trying to discover on their own. Yet this API should improve various parts of the virtual infrastructure. For Example, the Cisco Virtual Switch....


            This could be an interesting time and will require increased vigilance from VMware as well as from the Virtualization Administrators.


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