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    Questions regarding webUI, Firefox, datastores on remote network

    Harald Heigl Enthusiast


      I have tested vmware-server for the last days and noticed some minor and major bugs (or perhaps user errors of myself)



      I'll list them here and would be thankfull if you share your experience:



      1) In the WebUI it shows: Prozessor: 1 x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU          6420  @ 2.13GHz in VIC it shows Processor: 2x CPU 2,133Ghz</span>. This is only a minor item and I think it doesn't matter, perhaps the webinterface doesn't notice the dual cores.



      2) For example in the line "datastores", if there is more data as fits in this line, there is a difference between IE7 and Firefox. IE7 shows a horizontal bar which can be scrolled, Firefox doesn't. (In the picture you see the Gb for "Gigabyte", cut of to G)



      3) If I say fullscreen in Firefox, it counts 3 seconds and after this nothing happens: host-os WinXP, guest-os Ubuntu 7.10, Firefox! (1024x768 - host and guest) On IE7 I get a fullscreen as wanted.



      4)  removing a datastore or a vm in the webui, removes it actually, but not from the screen. The line is still there until I log off and log on again. Problem exists on IE 7 and Mozilla. (Is there a "hidden" refresh button, am I missing something)



      5) I thought I have to convert my 1.0.4-vm to 2.0, but my old vm still works, so I assume that they are still compatible. Just wanted to mention that, because I didn't think of that.



      6) Administration and "Virtual Machine" in the web-ui doesn't look like a menu. It is said sometimes before in different threads, just wanted to mention it. It's not intuitive and user friendly.



      7) A major problem:  On my computer running vmware-server, I dind't have enough harddiskspace and dind't want to partition a new, so I let my VMs on my old pc and made a network connection to my datastore (a windows shared folder). I know that's not optimal for performance, but for first setup and tests it's not a big problem.  Whatsoever I added a datastore (option CIFS, other computer's ip, shared folder, user name and password), afterwards I added my 1.0.4 ubuntu-vm, started it, works well. I restart my computer containing vm-server (not my "datastore-computer"), reconnecting showed me the picture I append: It shows me a capacity on my datastore of more than 3 billion gigabyte, which wouldn't be my biggest problem, my ubuntu-vm is also shown as inaccessible and unknown. If I click on it, it says the server encountered a problem and I'm automatically logged off. After I remove the VM, remove the datastore, add the datastore, add the vm it works well until I restart the vm-computer again. This problem is not web-specific, it occurs also with VIC (except that vic doesn't cut me off, if there is a problem) Is there a known problem with this, did you experience something similar?



      8) the mouse in the ubuntu 7.10 moves slowly, I encountered similar on virtual pc (but here even the installation didn't work correctly, so I came back to vmware), is there a special trick for vmware (or for ubuntu 7.10), is this normal?



      I'm marking this as a question because of the last two points.






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          Harald Heigl Enthusiast

          the fullscreen problem solved with firefox. I didn't restart my firefox, I didn't do a new login, I just waited an hour and it works. And the mouse is also fast again. Weird situations. Perhaps the VM needed one hour to come up 


          Damn plugins.

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            utpeter Lurker



            Let's addfew more bugs, I guess.

            1. Installed on IBM eserver with 10 GB RAM. Both WebUI and VIC showing almost ALL 10 GB used even when NOT RUNNING any vm :).

                I'm running currently 2 VMs one with 4 GB of RAM, second with 2 GB and both work fine. It's justnot being shown properly in the VIC/WebUI.

                Linux usually caches all the RAM anyway, but I run another 2 Linux host with 1.0.4 and itlooks normal (shows how much is used by all vms) there.

                ANyway wht is the point of having RAM usage indicator if would always show almost 100% usage?

            2. Not able to connect an NFS Datastore.

                Host OS - Ubuntu server (Gutsy). NFS export created on WhiteBox linux can be successfuly mounted on the host OS level (Ubuntu) but when trying to add NFS

                Datastore to the VMware server this is the answer:


                          The specified NFS volume 'whiteboxserver.mydomaincom:/home/vmadmin/nfs' is not mounted on the server.

                          Failed to configure NAS datastore 'NFS1'.


            3. I tried to mount this NFS on the host (no problem here), then added  Datastore on VMware Server (like alocal Datastore).

                After rebooting host I was not able to run vmware AT ALL. Had to reinstall Vmware Server.


            4. Get alot of trouble with configuring network trough the UI (doesn't seam to work at all. Is it just for viewing the configuration?).

                I can configure it only by running "vmware-config.pl".


            5. Timezone configuration not working trough UI.


            6. Adwanced setting doesn't respond and just "Rtrievs server data" for houres.



            OK. Generaly speaking anyhow I think ti is  great step forward. I believe all major bugs would be solved in the official release.

            Keep in mindit's a beta. Just wonder if I will be able to add VMware Server to my Virtual Center now and if it's going to be free?

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              gnom92 Novice





              On your point 7, I'm experiencing same problem, did you found some workaround ?









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                Harald Heigl Enthusiast
                Sorry for late-answering.
                Unfortunately not and this point disturbs me most.
                1) I have tried to use another user for sharing the drive (one with password, one without, cause I thought of perhaps VMWare can't get the password and so it won't reconnect)
                2) I have tried to shutdown the VMWare service and restart, because I thought that perhaps some interface wasn't up und running, needed from VMWare.
                3) I have filed an SR long time ago --> still unassigned. VMWare should solve real Virtual Machine issues before doing some design stuff.
                4) When my computer (where the filesystem resides) crashed once, my VMWare stalled, but when the filesystem-computer was up again, I didn't have to do anything (except clciking some warnings away) and the machine was up and running. So it must be something stored on the VMWare-Server which is obviously lost after reboot.
                5) C:\Documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Server\hostd\vmInventory.xml I even changed the slash (last part) to a backslash.
                But there are a lot of parts where VMWare uses slashes and backslahes mixed up and it doesn't disturb the overall process.
                6) I tried the "VMware VIX" to programmatically (Via .NET) get access to the datastore, but I think this vix isn't suitable for this beta, perhaps an old version or I did something wrong I don't know, I can't remember anymore. My intention was to get a command to easily remove the datastore and add it immediately (perhaps a service that starts before VMWare starts) This would be a bit quick and dirty, but this was the last thing which came in my mind. But as said I couldn't get the VIX working.
                At the moment when I shutdown my VMware-server I remove the datastore and the VM (actually I just use one), shutdown and on restart I have to addin these two things. It's somehow anything, though my VMWare-Server is running for longer times before I restart.
                I dind't have time enough in the last time, running the contents of the VMWare was more important than trying to avoid some clicks, but if I have time I will try a sniffer and perhaps browse the config files located at "C:\Documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Server\hostd"
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                  Harald Heigl Enthusiast


                  Ok point 7 is solved for me in http://communities.vmware.com/message/898744#898744



                  (it was a mixture of windows-network-related and also vmware-related-issues)