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    How to share a large media collection through a virtual server ?

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      Hi all,



      I've just spend the entire day getting a Server 2.0 Beta 1 to work - and now I see that new beta i comming later today... great timing, right? Ah well, the question probably is still valid for beta 2 whenever it arrives:



      I have a relatively large media collection (music, videoes and photos ~ 150-200 GB) that I currently make available on my home network from my server through regular network shares. Now I want to get some experience with virtualization etc etc, so I decided (while replacing the server hardware) to install VMware server, and host a two instances of windows server 2003 (or 2008 perhaps) - one for private stuff, one for business stuff. I run a small company and want things separated.



      So now I have the host server (windows server 2003) that runs two virtual servers (also 2003). Host, guest1 and guest2.



      Is there any way I can place my media collection in "host" and make the files available to "guest1" so that "guest1" can share these files on my home network? I probably could create a share on "host" which "guest1" maps - but can I then re-share a network drive? I'm thinking that there must be a better way, like mounting host
      medialibrary\photos inside "guest1" as a folder or a drive and share that. I've tried quite a lot in the web based admin interface, but cant see any clever solution.



      The motivation for doing this is that I would prefer not to have my "vital" data lying inside a virtual harddisk file - partly because I dont like the sound of it - partly because it seem to be slow solution - partly because I want some of the files shared between "guest1" and "guest2".



      Any clever thoughts on this subject on a friday while you all sit and wait with the download section in another tab anyway? Or better suggestions?






      On a side note: I cant get the virtual servers to start up automatically. I've checked the "allow virtual machines to start and stop automatically with the system" checkbox, and moved my guest system up in the "any order" startup section, but it doesnt start. Sigh...



      Have a nice weekend everybody!