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    How do I log in

    lorenzosjb Novice


      Hi, I installed server 2 beta1 using Vista Home Premium SP1. I am using a administrator account.



      How do I get into the administrator? Is there a default user and password or I have to edit a file.






      Thanks and Regards,






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          Paul Thomas Master


          Hi Lorenzo,



          The administrator account is not active by default.  You need to activate the account and set a password for it from vista.  You can do this from control panel/administrative tools/computer management.  From there you can open the tree view under users and you should see administartor, right click and select properties.  You can then enable it. Then add a password in the usual way, and use these to login through the vmware web interface.



          Good luck






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            lorenzosjb Novice





            I found out, that in Vista, using net user Administrator /active:yes and I after logging and changing the password, I can get into the Server Web UI.regards,