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    Time synchronization problems inside guest - Guest time moving ahead

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      As suggested I am creating a new thread.  I am having similar issues as stated in this thread: http://communities.vmware.com/thread/130979?tstart=0


      I have a WinXP SP2 guest who's time is moving ahead by approximately 10-30 minutes per hour.  I have tried all of the suggestions included in the whitepaper "Timekeeping in Virtual Machines" that relate to my problem of time jumping ahead (http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vmware_timekeeping.pdf).


      It appears that I have the problem stated in point 5 on page 23 of the whitepaper - "Guest time runs faster than real time."  I have a 2.4GHz Intel Core2 Quad Core chip, but the KHZEstimate shows a 1.6GHz processor:


      [root@cinshrfluxws01 /tmp]# grep "model name" /proc/cpuinfo 
      model name      : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz
      [root@cinshrfluxws01 /tmp]# grep -i KHZ /home/vmware/sfg-xp/vmware.log 
      Mar 10 09:54:13: vmx| KHZEstimate 1600000
      Mar 10 09:54:13: vmx| VMMon_GetkHzEstimate: Calculated 2394135 kHz


      The whitepaper suggests rebooting the host to resolve the issue.  I have several times and it has not resolved it.


      As a test, I created a minimal CentOS 5 guest and it appears to be exhibiting the same behavior - time moves ahead in the guest by 10-15 minutes per hour if I don't have ntpd enabled.


      Here are the details of my setup:


      Dell OptiPlex 755 Host

      Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz

      VT turned on

      4GB RAM

      Intel Matrix Storage RAID (uses /dev/mapper)

      2 250GB WD2500AAJS-75VWA0 hard drives in RAID1

      Fedora 8 i386 (not x64) Host OS with all updates as of yesterday

      Linux Kernel


      VMware Server 1.0.4 build-56528


      WinXP SP2 Guest with all updates as of yesterday

      VMware Tools installed in guest

      VMware Tools Time synchronization turned off


      CentOS 5 guest

      Linux kernel 2.6.18-8.1.15.el5


      I turned on verbose TimeTracker messages and the vmware.log file for both the WinXP and CentOS guests in question are attached.  vmware-0 is XP; vmware-1 is CentOS.


      Any help is appreciated.