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    PETITION - Native Mac version of the VI Client

    virek Enthusiast

      Copied from the Fusion forum...here's a better place I think.


      I'm going to start this old chestnut again...


      I'm here at VMWorld 2008, Cannes and I got talking to a couple of people. Now I'm not claiming any inside knowledge or anything but I'm guessing a petition with enough response will make VMware think seriously about doing a native mac VI Client.


      I'm sure, like me, there are many of you who use the mac daily who also deploy, maintain, train and troubleshoot VI3, and booting an XP vm just to do that is well...a PITA.


      So please, join in.


      VMware is still one of those rare-breed companies that 'actually' listen to their customers, unlike others that say they do, but...don't.


      Matthew VCP, VSP

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