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    Virtual center 2.5 no performance data

    mlydy Enthusiast

      My virtual center is only showing realtime data after upgrading to 2.5  Everything is grayed out when I try to select a different date.  Is anybody seeing this or can you offer any ideas on a resolution for this one?  This is a problem with 3.0.1, 3.0.2 and 3.5 hosts.

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          mcamp001 Enthusiast

          I had the same issue after the upgrade. I rebooted VC, nothing. I waited 2 days, rebooted again and everything was ok.   I can't really give any real explaination to why the stats were missing, but wait a bit a try a reboot.

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            Cloneranger Hot Shot


            Did you trash and start clean with your VC database during the upgrade?



            Could be there is no historic data for it to display.






            What kind of object are you selecting for data anyway? a host, VM, cluster, or is the problem on all objects?



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              java_cat33 Master

              What version of SQL are using to host your DB? Before the upgrade did you have resource pools or aything configured? And if so.... were they present after the upgrade?

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                mlydy Enthusiast


                It was an upgrade with no overwrite of the database.  Either way the upgrade was done last Monday so we should have some level of historical data in there by now.



                It is happening with every object from datacenters on down.



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                  mlydy Enthusiast

                  SQL 2000 all roles, and resource pools are still present after the upgrade. There is no indication that the database was trashed.

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                    Cloneranger Hot Shot

                    Do you get your graphs when you connect your VIC to an individual esx host?

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                      vic10us Novice


                      Did you ever get this fixed? I am having exactly the same problem here. We have a mix of ESX 3.0.2 and 3.5 servers and our VIC was upgraded from 2.0 to 2.5 with the option of keeping stat history.



                      ~ Keith



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                        mlydy Enthusiast


                        After working with VMware support the problem was the SQL jobs for rolling up the historical information were missing/corrupted.  So the end result was we uninstalled VirtualCenter.  Restored the database back to a point prior to the upgrade to VC 2.5.  Then reran the VC upgrade making sure to migrate everything from the database. 



                        After that was completed we were once again able to access the historical data. 



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                          Shafti Novice


                          I've the same issues with VC 2.5.0 and SQL Server 2000. Please check the existence of categories or jobs for stats rollup in msdb database.

                          I think the missing or corruption of the jobs are depending on the update history and the miss of dbowner rights on the msdb database during the first VC installation.



                          Querys to check existence of job and categorie in msdb database

                          SELECT * FROM msdb.dbo.syscategories WHERE name = N'Stats Rollup';

                          SELECT * FROM msdb.dbo.sysjobs WHERE name = N'Past Week stats rollup';



                          My problem or question is an solution to fix this problem without a restore of the database back to a point prior the upgrade to VC 2.5 (db version 3) and rerun the db upgrade (db version 4).



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                            HyperSprite Enthusiast


                            Is your SQL Agent running?



                            http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1003570 : Missing Performance Data in VirtualCenter 2.5



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                              mlydy Enthusiast





                              You are correct the problem resulted from the SQL Select statements getting wiped out.  I worked with VMware for about 2 weeks trying to come up with a way to rebuild those select statements.  However we weren't successful and we resolved the issue by restoring our database from just prior to the upgrade to 2.5.  Then we re-ran the upgrade process making sure to move over the historical information.  This was also after confirming the proper permissions on the SQL database.



                              The upgrade took forever while upgrading the historical data. But after that was completed the SELECT statements were back in place and we started gathering historical data once again.  During all of this the SQLAGENT service was running.



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                                RParker Guru

                                I found this to be the case as well.  What I found was we have 2 NICS on the VC.  For whatever reason one of the NICS was intermittent between the VC and SQL Database, so when I was clicking on historical rather than real time, I saw "unable to display".  I eventually fixed/replaced the NIC and everything is good now.  It could be that traffic between the VC and DB server is interrupted somehow.

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                                  HyperSprite Enthusiast


                                  The msdb is used to create the agent jobs and not much else.


                                  NOTE: before you run any scripts your VC login must have Owner rights on msdb as described in the permissions kb  1003052 for all the same reasons.





                                  Do you have the three agent jobs? There should be:



                                  Past  stats Day rollup

                                  Past  stats Month rollup

                                  Past  stats Year rollup


                                  If not, you can find them in your install dir at "C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server" as "job_schedule<1,2,3>_mssql.sql"



                                  To run them open SQL Manager (studio) as your VCuser (not SA or Administrator), open query analizer, paste the first script, select your VCDB and execute the script. Do this for the other two scripts.   



                                  If you have the jobs, make sure they are running as your VCuser.









                                  If you have the jobs and things still don't work, check your VC stored procedures, I have the following listed under VCDB/Programmability/Stored Procedures:












                                  Also, what user context are they running under? they are listed as user.delete_stats_proc.



                                  If you are missing any of them you can find them in the same directory as the job scripts as



                                  delete_stats_proc = delete_stats_proc_mssql.sql

                                  load_stats_proc = load_stats_proc_mssql.sql

                                  purge_stats1_proc = purge_stat1_proc_mssql.sql

                                  purge_stats2_proc = purge_stat2_proc_mssql.sql

                                  purge_stats3_proc = purge_stat3_proc_mssql.sql

                                  stats_rollup1_proc = stats_rollup1_proc_mssql.sql

                                  stats_rollup2_proc = stats_rollup2_proc_mssql.sql

                                  stats_rollup3_proc = stats_rollup3_proc_mssql.sql



                                  Run them in the same way as the jobs described above.



                                  I have two more I think were installed from VC2.0.x because they don't exist in the VC dir.










                                  Let us know what your investigation finds.



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                                    polysulfide Expert


                                    This was really helpful to me, a repair install wasn't creating the jobs even when my perms were set.



                                    One more step I had to take though was to change the target of the steps to be my VC database.  They were attempting to target master.




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