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    ordinal 2821 ... libeay32.dll error when verifying VIPerl Toolkit install

    wdecker Novice

      I am trying to install the perl api onto my development machine.  I am running windows xp sp2 and trying to install VMware-VIPerl-Toolkit-1.5.0-67153.exe.  This installs successfully.  Before testing the install by running the "connect.pl" script I make sure that my machine has connectivity to the mob object on the esx server.  I am able to log into the object through my browser.  When I run the "connect.pl" script and enter the appropriate log in information I get a "The ordinal 2821 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll".  I run the "connect.pl" from the command line with no options 'perl -w connect.pl'.  I am then prompted for a user name and password.  After I enter the password the error pops up.  This error also occurs when I enter the appropriate command line information.


      Before I installed the VMware-VIPerl-Toolkit-1.5.0-67153.exe on my development machine I made sure to uninstall the ActiveState version that I had previously installed and I removed the path variable that pointed to its' exe.


      I installed the VMware-VIPerl-Toolkit-1.5.0-67153.exe on a different windows xp sp2 machine and am able to use the scripts without issue.


      Was wondering what I could do to make sure the tool kit works on my development machine.


      Thanks for any help

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          StefanPahrmann Expert



          you probably already have an older/newer version of this dll. The version number should  be and dated at 12/10/2007 (maybe it's still there even after the uninstall of ActivePerl?).


          If this has a different version, copy this dll from a working installation and you probably need to register this dll (not sure about that) - can be done with regsvr32 /s libeay32.dll




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            wdecker Novice


            thank you for your help.



            I did have anothe version of that dll on my machine.  It was in the system32 directory.  I don't know why it was looking there before it looked in the activeState lib directories for that .dll.



            after making sure it was using the correct .dll it worked thanks



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              HHS Jason Novice



              I have just created a new server for use with VMWare Server 1.0.7 build-108231 and I get the error "the ordinal 3288 could not be located in hte dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll"


              I have installed VMWare on various systems over the past two years and this is the first time I have had this error.  The server is a Dell PowerEdge 2950 with dual, Quad Core L5420 processors and 16Gb RAM.  The operating system is Windows Server 2003 RC2 Enterprise Edition X64.


              The only difference between this system and previous systems is that I am running x64 version of Windows (to take advantage of the 16Gb RAM).  As far as I can see the PERL API is a 32 bit software, so I am wondering if this could be an issue.


              When searching for LIBEAY32.dll I notice that the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\SysMgt\RACS also has a copy of this file.  Also, after reading many posts the version that appears to be installed is not the version described ( from memory).


              Any help would be great, or any recommendation as to how to backup the Virtual Machine without suspending and copying the files would also be appreciated as this is what I am currently using vmware-cmd for.