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    Performance on a MacPro vs MacBook

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      Anybody here using Fusion on both a laptop and a MacPro mac? I've been using it since the release on my MacBook Pro (Core2 Duo, 3gb RAM) and I'm considering buying a desktop Mac, mainly to be able to have more RAM.


      I would like to know here if anybody is using it on a MacPro and how the performance compares to a good speed desktop PC. I'm doing Visual Studio development and the RAM limit on my MacBook makes it sluggish when running multiple apps.


      Thanks your comments!

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          DerekS Enthusiast



          I have a Mac Pro (4x 2.66, 5GB) and a MacBook Pro (2x 2.33, 3GB)


          Like yourself, I use VMWare for Visual Studio development.


          It screams on the Mac Pro, and is "acceptable" on the MBP for travel. 


          You will definitely feel the difference!


          BTW it ran just as well when I only had 3GB in the Mac Pro.  The difference in hard disk and bus speeds is the factor.