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    Fedora 8, PAM, and vmware-hostd

    djflux Enthusiast

      I just wanted to start a discussion thread so that others aren't banging their heads against the Server 2.0 Beta 1 wall like I have been for the past 3 days.


      I recently received a new workstation at work and put Fedora 8 and wanted to try to use Server 2.0 (Web UI notwithstanding - Linux users NEED a native console; either the old VMware Server Console, or a version of the VIC that will run on Linux).  Everything seemed to go OK except when I tried to login to the web console it wouldn't work.  I would either receive "Web service not available" or "The server is not responding ..."


      This thread post seemed to have cleared things up for me: http://communities.vmware.com/message/816706#816706


      I can login if I use pam_permit in the vmware-authd PAM configuration file.  WARNING: as the user in the above thread states, anyone can login with any password so don't use this method of access in a production environment.


      Once I logged in, everything seemed to work as expected - the console plugin even works in Firefox provided with Fedora 8 (with SELinux in permissive mode).


      I'm heading back to 1.0.4 for my everyday use because it's solid and there is a native Linux console that works well.  Hopefully by RC status we Linux users will have a native console again ... PLEASE


      BTW, the init script doesn't seem to shutdown vmware-hostd cleanly.  After issuing a service vmware stop, a pgrep -l vmware still shows vmware-hostd running.  If I change configurations I have to kill the PID, or killall manually for the hostd to shutdown.  I'll open an SR about this issue.


      Hope this helps alleviate some pain for Fedora 8 users.