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      • 30. Re: Fusion hung on Leopard
        cshware Lurker

        I have a Mac Pro, 2.66GHz model, running Leopard and VMware Fusion 1.1RC.


        I had two VMs running: FreeBSD 6.x and FreeBSD 7.0beta.


        I was logged into both machines with ssh, and the 7.x system stopped responding.  The VMware GUI hung like other described here.


        I could still use my ssh logins in the FreeBSD 6.x system.


        I shut FreeBSD 6.x down but 7.x died with the ssh logins dying, and the 7.x VMware window going blank.


        I eventually gave up waiting and force killed vmware, but it took several tries.  I had to manually kill off the natd processes and other helpers.


        Now, I have two processes stuck in state E (trying to exit) named vmware and vmware-vmx.  I suspect the latter is the vmx running FreeBSD 7.x.


        I run Time Machine, but the first thing I did when installing Time Machine was disable it for anything like virtualization, Aperature, and others where people report having problems.  It's not even that good a system anyway.


        I don't think Time Machine is the overall problem anyway.


        If I continue to have issues after I reboot I'll try to report back here.

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          bapper Novice

          cthree, did you ever get things working?  I'm seeing exactly the same thing you are with various linux flavors running in the VM, time machine off under Fusion v1.1.  I spent several days trying to get SOMETHING working to no avail.  I may have to go back to Tiger if there isn't a resolution to this one already.  I'm on a Macbook Pro Core 2, I seem to see the issue when doing disk intensive things like installing a new OS on a VM or compiling large apps.  Of course, it has completely corrupted a few of my VMs at this point and I can't install new ones because of this issue.

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            cthree Novice

            I never got it working any better than I described. I gave up having no more time to burn. Fusion under Leopard running Linux as a Guest OS never proved stable enough to be useful for me. I'm still waiting on some sort of solution and maybe I'll try again someday but deadlines and production schedules preclude goofing around with it any more right now. Maybe when 1.2 comes out I'll give it another look.


            I had hoped to implement a VMWare virtualized environment across my entire server farm, running Fusion locally to allow me to test changes to my application server software/configuration before distributing a single, uniform VM image to my server farm (like installing and testing new server software and updates), much in the same way I test my application code before checking it in and deploying it to live servers. As it stands such and arrangement is too involved and complicated to be successful. IF I can get an image to run on my workstation such that I can make changes to it and test it then it might make sense to look at running VMware on my servers and deploying a tested image to them. We aren't there yet.


            It would also be a huge benefit if I could manage that server farm with a Mac OS X native client application rather than having to run the Windows client inside yet another VM. That's not really the sticking point though.

            • 33. Re: Fusion hung on Leopard
              bapper Novice

              Guess replying via email didn't work.


              On a hunch I downgraded Fusion to 1.0 and have had no problems yet today.  This is definitely an issue with 1.1 and not Leopard (or perhaps 1.1 in combination with Leopard).  Hopefully this gets resolved with the next version.  I'd be willing to try pre-release or debug code to try to resolve this if vmware does anything like that.  I didn't see any way to really get feedback on the support page without paying money for support tickets, which I'm not willing to do on something that's obviously a regression.

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                mcdavis Novice


                I started a thread about the colorwheel of death.  Had those problems and...in my case...they were linked to an incompatibility with Filevault.   At least that is the current theory. 



                DONT USE FILEVAULT on LEOPARD WITH FUSION running VISTA.  It could be more generic: like don't ever run filevault...add to the list...with timemachine.



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                  bapper Novice
                  mcdavis wrote:



                  DONT USE FILEVAULT on LEOPARD WITH FUSION running VISTA.  It could be more generic: like don't ever run filevault...add to the list...with timemachine.




                  I think it's a far more generic problem, I don't own a copy of windows and use Fusion for linux VMs.  I really don't have anything running other than the VM and a couple of terminals and the issue is ever present.  It doesn't appear to be as bad with 1.0 but I still hit it while doing a yum update of a fresh F8 install.  I don't run windows and run text console VMs (no graphics).  I seem to see it with heavy disk/cpu activity (and possibly heavy network activity) in the VM and nothing else really going on at the time.  Which is a bummer because I use this to do linux development work on my Mac.  I'm hoping to at least get  some sort of log output one of these times.  I guess it is time to stress test the latest Parallels to see if it has the same problem.

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                    cthree Novice

                    It's a real issue and it's not TimeMachine or FileVault or XXX related but rather something more fundamental. I think we can all agree that it is disk related and that it occurs wheren there is a significant amount of disk I/O but beyond that is for VMW to figure out.


                    FWIW I had the same problem on 1.0 which is why I switched to 1.1rc in the first place.

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                      shakabuku Lurker

                      I, too, am having the same problem.  I'm using 10.5.1 on a second gen Macbook Pro w/3GB RAM.  Filevault's not being used and I turned off Time Machine.  I've been trying to install Fedora Core 6 for some upgrade run-throughs, but every time, Fusion (1.1, btw) beach-balls.  The only way I can kill Fusion after that is by holding down the power button and forcing a reboot.  All known clean shutdown methods hang (afaict).


                      Hopefully, this can get fixed up really soon.

                      • 38. Re: Fusion hung on Leopard
                        jared.oberhaus Enthusiast

                        The problems discussed in this thread are likely the same as that discussed in these threads:


                        Fusion 1.1RC1 "beachballs" under heavy VM load (after switch to leopard)



                        Hangs & Disk Corruption using Ubuntu 7.10 w/Fusion 1.1 + 10.5.1


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