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    Dragon Naturally Speaking

    Bert Pepper Lurker

      Will VMWare support Dragon Naturally Speaking?

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          VMware is a company. Fusion is their Mac product. I highly doubt VMware will support another company's unrelated product.


          However, if you're asking if Fusion will run DNS, I haven't tried it myself but there are reports that it does - search the forums for "Dragon Naturally Speaking"

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            etchak Novice

            For Dragon you need lot of memory and a good performing processor.

            I think it will work but...my choice will be Boot Camp.

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              theb3freak Lurker

              I have an intel imac with 2 Ghz duo core 2, 1GB RAM.  Naturally speaking 8 has always worked in Boot Camp (Win XP, SP2), and quite well at that.  I use a Plantronics USB headset.  It never worked right with the Parallels trial that I tried.  Fusion B4, using the Boot Camp partition worked great.  Better still, I have been running it in a new VM (again, XP), and have to say it works very well.  For what its worth, I can even play streaming audio or iTunes in OSX through the speakers, while AT THE SAME TIME dictating and playing back my dictation through the USB headset, obviously with Dragon in the VM.  I copied/imported my speech files from the Boot Camp partition into the VM.  It works very well.  I dictate and edit 45-100 page documents into WordPerfect 10, now in a Fusion VM.

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                rkowal Novice




                how does the setup of the USB mic work in Fusion? Do you let Fusion recognize the mic as a USB mic, or do you (as in Parallels) tell the VM to ignore USB, designate your audio input source as "line-in" in DNS, and let OS X recognize the USB mic?





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                  theb3freak Lurker

                  I honestly don't recall the specifics, but I just plug in the USB mic, and/or make sure that it is connected in Fusion, and launch DNS.  I have at times forgotten to connect the USB mic, launched DNS, and received a message to the effect that it can't find the mic, then connected the mic into Fusion, and merely continued loading my user into DNS.  I have never had to "trick" DNS into using a pseudo line-in.

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                    vinayv Hot Shot

                    In fact, with the Fusion RC, you cannot use multiple Sound devices. That is, you can't tell Fusion to use a specific sound device as input or output.  It will simply pipe the default input/output device.


                    As mentioned by the other user, you should just be able to "connect the USB device" to the Virtual Machine.  This means, plug it into your computer, and then on the vm, find the appropriate USB device on the status bar (bottom right of the window) and click on connect.  This is equivalent to unplugging the USB from your mac, and plugging it in to the VM.  The VM should be able to recognize and use it with whatever software you choose.

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                      bbarranco Novice


                      OK. I finally got this thing to work. Just a recap. I have a 24"iMac

                      2.16 ghz intel duo core processor with 2gb RAM (1gb to the Mac and 1gb

                      to Fusion). I am running Leopard 10.5.1 (the new update released last

                      week) and have installed Fusion 1.1 and am running Win XP Pro w/ SP2. I

                      have put dragon naturally speaking (DNS) on and loaded all of my

                      voabulaires from the PC I use it on at my office. I am a physician and

                      we use DNS to transcribe our dictations into a electronic medical

                      record. I have tested a Phillips Speechmike Pro II USB microphone and a

                      Logitech desktop USB microphone and both work great. In fact, with the

                      Phillips Speechmike Pro II, I have even gotten the "Function keys" -

                      specifically the record button - programmed to turn the microphone on

                      and off.



                      Here is what I did. BEFORE starting the VM, plug in

                      whichever USB device you are going to use. Next, in OS X, click system

                      preferences, then sound, then input, and then click the USB device you

                      have plugged in. This now tells the MAC that the USB device will be the

                      audio input for the CPU. Now start the VM. Once it is up and running,

                      along the bottom right of the VM screen you will see some USB symbols

                      next to the CD symbol. Put the mouse pointer over the USB symbols and

                      it will tell you what is connected to each one. When you find the

                      symbol that has your microphone device connected, click the USB symbol

                      and then click "Connect". This now tells the VM to use this device for

                      audio input. That is it. You are now ready to use the microphone and




                      I have tried this same scenario with a Line/In microphone

                      and headset microphone without success. From what I have read on the

                      discussion boards, it does not appear as if Fusion supports Line/In

                      devices (I may be wrong on that but I have not read otherwise and

                      cannot get it to work myself). The only other tidbit I would offer is

                      that DNS is very RAM and Processor intensive. On a PC I use 2gb of RAM

                      just for the DNS and it works well. If you have performance problems, I

                      would try to designate at least 2gb of RAM to the VM if possible. I

                      think it will help with overall performance.



                      I welcome anyone elses feedback, experiences, tips or tricks.



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                        gogoshire Lurker


                        I beg your patience as I'm new to all of this, but I'm in the market for anything that will give me a break from my carpal tunnel, and I just want to make sure that I have the facts straight before I drop dough:



                        If I run Fusion, I'll be able to run Dragon in Mac programs on the "Mac side" of the computer, including anything in the Office Suite and Firefox? And if I can't dedicate 2G of memory to it (which I won't be able to as my new Macbook just has 2G SDRAM), it will drag a bit, but will still function? 



                        Do I have this correct?  Because it was my understanding that I could only run DNS on the VM (either Fusion or Parallel), which is not what I want.  I'd rather go the iListen route then, and I've heard such bad things about it.



                        Will I still have to install Windows on the Mac? If so, does it matter if it's XP or Vista? 






                        Much thanks.



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                          If I run Fusion, I'll be able to run Dragon in Mac programs on the "Mac side" of the computer, including anything in the Office Suite and Firefox?


                          No, Dragon will be limited to running in the VM.


                          Will I still have to install Windows on the Mac?


                          Yes, you still need Windows.

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                            dkwehe Novice


                            I haven't been able to get the sound to work in Fusion 1.1 for DNS.  I get "Failed to Connect to Sound Device in VM".  XP either 32 or 64 bit versions. 









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                              bbarranco Novice


                              Yes, DNS does work on the Mac side. It just is in a round about way. On the VM side, it works seamlessly. I do not know about with Vista as I do not have it. I run Win XP Pro w/ SP2. To use DNS on the mac side, just open the VM and start running windows. Next open a wordpad or word document ON THE WINDOWS SIDE. With DNS up and running, say the command "show dictation box". This opens the dictation box and you can dictate whatever you want. When you are finished, highlight the text you dictated and then right click onit and select copy. Now click on the Mac OS side and put you cursor in word, excel, powerpoint, pages, numbers, keynote, firfox, or mail and the select paste and it pastes the text that you generated using DNS. I know it is a work aorund but it does work.






                              Your last question, do you have to install Windows. Yes because to my knowledge DNS is only compatible with windows.



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                                sokolovss Lurker

                                I have found the following to be a superior configuration. This yields the best performance I have ever gotten from DNS on Mac or native PC:


                                XP x64 and fusion 1.1, MBP 2.4 17", 160 GB HD 7200 rpm. Allot 1024 mb for VM.

                                Install DNS 9 first. Do not uninstall 9 but rather use the DNS 9.5 upgrade (will not install of x64 if DNS 9 not installed first or if 9 is removed).

                                Sennheiser M3 and Buddy USB pod.


                                Although all of the above help incrementally, the majority of the benefit came with switching from XP x86 to x64. (Also tried Vista x64 but performance was not nearly comparable).


                                Hope others find this helpful.

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                                  dkwehe Novice



                                  Outstanding response.  It sounds like you have a working version using 

                                  Fusion 1.1 and 10.5.1?  You are using Leopard?



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                                    sokolovss Lurker

                                    Yes to all.

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