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    SATA Support Clear as Mud!?

    The-Kevster Enthusiast

      From the updated I/O sheet this is what's mentioned on supported SATA controllers....



      Supported SAS/SATA Dual Controllers



      ESX Server 3.5 supports selected SATA devices connected to dual SAS/SATA controllers. This support is limited to ESX Server 3.5. It is not included with ESX Server 3.0.x.



      The supported dual SAS/SATA controllers are:



      •   mptscsi_2xx (PCIE) ‐ LSI1078*



      •   mptscsi_pcie ‐ LSI1068E (LSISAS3442E)*



      •   mptscsi_pcix ‐ LSI1068 (SAS 5)*



      •   aacraid_esx30 ‐ IBM serveraid 8k SAS controller*



      •   cciss ‐ Smart Array P400/256 controller*






      So what is the best PCIE card for me to put into my S5000PAL server that will use the above driver, if only someone could make a list











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