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    Responsiveness of a Virtual Machine Vista Home Premium

    mkummer Enthusiast

      Hello -


      I just switched from Parallels and XP to VWware and Vista Home Premium. I notice a certain sluggishness after starting the VM from sleep. That usually gets better after some minutes and start of some problems. F.i. if I open the Computer in explorer, it takes some time before opening the window. Often I get the message "no response... but this disappears after a short while.


      Are their any tipps i might consider? I usually quit Safari and iTunes before I start the VM. I do have open Mail, iChat and iCal. I have configured the VM to 1 GB memory (out of 2 GB) and dual processor use. I have a MacBook Pro 17 of the first gen with Dual Core 2.17 GHz. The VM has about 8 GB of free space. I use it with NAT sharing. I did not change the standard defaults in Vista after the install. I configured a printer over TCP.


      Probably there are things I shall consider?

      regards, Michael