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    vmware server add newly converted OS; Error: "more features than this version"

    GerardCC Novice





      A newby question. Started with VMware (11/23/7) downlaoded the converted and server. Converted a W2003 server (took a long time) succesfully. Selected the NON-ESX server option (the 2nd). Selected WS 5.x VM Server, VM Player. After the conversion wanted to add the newly created VM to VM server (using the add function). But this doesn't work: Configuration file was created by a VMware product with more features than this version.

      In the VMX the config.version = 8 the virualHW.version = 6



      What is wrong? How to run a converted OS under a server? Did i select the wrong options, am i missing something (an option)?



      Thanks in advance for your help!