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    Continuing good news with Fusion 1.1

    dp_fusion Hot Shot

      I installed the Leopard OS upgrade yesterday and Fusion 1.1 continued to work flawlessly as before. Not to the point, but I'm really disappointed with Spaces, but not because of Fusion. Then I updated Leopard to 10.5.1 and happily, Fusion continues to function as expected. I'll take appropriate cautions with the Time Machine config and understand perfectly why it's necessary to exclude the VM's. Unity has no problems with the new OS.


      More that I've learned about 1.1 - the CPU usage when Windows XP is running but mostly idle is down from 15-20% to less than 10%. Memory usage is where I expect it to be. I need to revisit my experience using the importer tool on Parallels Linux and Solaris VM's. I may not have been paying attention to where the importer put the imported files and simply ran my already installed Fusion versions of those products rather than the imported versions :). I've since deleted what I thought was unneeded versions and may have actually deleted the imported versions (in fact, I'd bet my paycheck on it). I'll repeat that experiment and report what I find. The importer worked perfectly with the Parallels XP vm.


      Right now Fusion is doing everything I need. Now for what I'd like (but don't need): Full snapshot management. Sounds like it might be not too far off in the future.


      Thanks for a smooth, surprise-free product.


      First Gen MacBook Pro, 2g RAM

      Leopard 10.5.1

      Fusion 1.1

      WinXP SP2

      Solaris 10

      Fedora Core 8

      OpenSuse 10.3-gnome