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    No mouse or keyboard on Mac Pro using Leopard and Fusion 1.1rc1

    Darth_Titan Novice

      I'm trying to use my Boot Camp partition with Fusion. Fusion installs fine and boots the Boot Camp partition. When VMWare tools installs I get an error, "Mouse drivers could not be installed automatically, must be installed manually." or something along those lines. I can't click OK because the mouse click doesn't register. (mouse will move albeit with much difficulty but no clicks register in the VM) I can't press enter to clear the prompt because the keyboard doesn't respond. I can't shut down the VM due to the open confirm dialog, so I have to force-quit Fusion. After a restart of the VM the mouse driver dialog box goes away, and additional drivers install but the process hangs at a PCI SCSI device driver. Again, I cannot interact with the dialog box because mouse and keyboard are unresponsive.

      I've read a few posts here relating similar problems and have tried the fixes I can find. I added the registry edits to the Boot Camp partition mentioned in one post, I disabled the Mac keyboard and mouse shortcuts as mentioned in another post. I've tried three different mice and two keyboards, and I've installed and uninstalled Fusion more times than I care to recount. This is frustrating because Fusion runs beautifully on my Macbook Pro, but I am having no luck getting things working on my Mac Pro.


      Is there any chance anyone can let me know how to proceed?

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