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    ACPI Uniprocessor PC option not available in Win2003

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      I converted a physical win2003 server into an ESX 3.02 vm. Like others I have converted before it, it was a 2 CPU box. I selected 1 CPU when I edited the memory & CPU settings on ESX.



      I have done a few others where I had to change the HAL from Multiprocessor to Uniprocessor. In hindsight, I think those other servers have been win2000. win2003 does not give me the option to select Uniprocessor. So far, I'm not seeing the high host CPU utilization I saw with the win2000 guests.



      Does anyone know more about this? Do I need to switch the HAL in a win2003 vm when I go from 2 -> 1 cpu? If so, how can this be done?