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    memory burn in procedure?

    taylorb Expert


      I have heard recommendations to burn-in/test memory for 48-72 hours before using it in an ESX host.   How do I go about this?  Do I just run Memtest86 for 3 days and if it has no errors I am good to go? 






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          Jae Ellers Master

          Most tier-1 hardware vendors should also provide a memory diagnostic or system test.  Yes, you just let this run for a while.  You used to have to get a special version of memtest to access > 4Gb, but hopefully there support for this in the mainline now.

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            rriva Expert


            I prefer to use Vendor Hardware test or Diagnostic for my servers because, if you'll have any problem, hardware vendor want to see their logs ..



            If you can, run these tools for 72 hours !