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    openSUSE 10.3 clipboard

    dp_fusion Hot Shot

      I have Fusion 1.1RC on a first-gen MBP running Tiger. I've installed the Gnome version of the openSUSE 10.3 from your appliance repository and just have a quick question: Should I expect to have clipboard sharing between the host and the guest? The tools installed fine though I did have to install the development package in Linux so the bits would compile. Other things work fine - mouses without jails, drag/drop files between host/guest. Dynamic screen resolution doesn't work but I suspect that is normal.


      I'm very happy with the way it all went and the performance is spectacular. Nice job!


      And one comment: finding the steps to make all this work was the greatest challenge. They're scattered here and there and now also in my own notes. Perhaps I didn't find the best source of information on the VMWare website, but I can tell you I really do not expect to have to explore other VMWare products to find solutions to Fusion problems. I mention this because one suggestion I found here was to read the workstation documentation and that's not acceptable. That sounds harsher than intended but that often happens with process improvement suggestions.

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          I haven't tried OpenSUSE, but in general Linux guests should have both clipboard sharing and dynamic screen resizing (provided you have tools installed, of course). One thing to watch for with Linux is that it has a couple different clipboards, I don't know if we track all of them or just one.

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            dp_fusion Hot Shot

            I think the tools are partially installed, or there is a bug/feature somewhere in the system. The tools install without error and vmware-config-tools.pl confirms all the modules are happy and the kernel is happy. I re-installed them one more time and this time enabled the experimental features but no change. I'm using Gnome applications to test the clipboard, in particular the terminal proggie as that is what I use 90% or more of the time. The screen res is set at 1280x800 and doesn't budge when I resize the vm window although I can change it with YaST.


            Is there a tools testing script that can be run to validate the tools installation?


            I'll go back to my Solaris 10 install and compare things. I don't recall that I've run it since installing 1.1RC.


            Edit: Solaris is slightly improved over openSUSE in that the clipboard is shared, but no dynamic screen sizing.

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              rcardona2k Champion

              The last time I installed openSUSE (10.2?), I got shared folders and shell text copy&paste working.  I can't remember if I got screen resize working but that usually does work in most distros.  I'm very comfortable with adding the development tools (feel naked without them on Linux), so that's not a negative for me.

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