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        Xipper Novice


        Alright, so this is attempt #2 with the same problem.  It seemed to be running fine on Friday, the only thing that has changed is the Apple updates for login+keychain that I am aware of.



        I had to force power off by holding the power button to get Leopard to shut down.  I booted the machine up, loaded my VM and all seemed fine until I right-clicked within an a app and same result.  Spinning rainbow wheel, then VM display went black and VMware is now listed as not responding.  Force Quit doesn't change anything, none of the Fusion processes seem to quit when requested either via force quit, kill -9 as user or root, etc.



        Off to reboot again.



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          Xipper Novice


          Slight update.  I noticed that my TM disk (Time Machine) was getting a lot of IO when these problems were occuring.  I went ahead and disabled TM for the folder containing my VM, almost immediatley the hung VM window closed.  I then rebooted the machine, confirmed TM was still disabled for the VM folders.  Started my VM and so far it is working fine, up and running ~30 minutes where it was crashing within 2 minutes previously.



          I am guessing that TM is locking those files while it tries to back them up or otherwise causing a conflict.  Fusion isn't able to delete the files as it closes to it hangs on attempt to stop the processes.



          I'll attempt to enable TM again and test results.



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            KSo Lurker

            I have exactly same problem as you do.


            After i disabled Time Machine completely, Fusion has not crashed anymore.


            Please test and report to here, disable Time Machine (put it to OFF) and see if the Fusion crashes.



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              hoosiermac Novice


              What if you disable TM from backing up the Virtual Machines folder?  I came here for the same issues and am going to see if this fixes the problem of Fusion hanging.






              I also notice that since I use a TM Server on Leopard Server that the backup partition stays on the desktop after Fusion hangs.



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                dshold Lurker

                I have had the same hanging problem   I've excluded my Virtual Machines directory - as well as the Applications/VMWare directory and Library/Application Support//VMWare.    So far - I haven't seen the same hanging.

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                  Danny Joe Novice

                  My new MacBook Pro (XP SP2 VM on Leopard with Fusion beta) was constantly hanging as well until I configured the Time Machine to exclude the VM folder.

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                    marjohan Lurker

                    I can confirm also, that filtering out the Virtual Machine -folder from Time Machine Backup plan/scan fixed the crashing, hanging and jamming problem of the Fusion in Leopard.

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                      cthree Novice

                      I can confirm it does still crash for me even with TM off as I now have it set. I'm interested to see what hardware people are running it on. A colleague is using Fusion successfully with a MacBook Pro/Core2 Duo. However I'm using a MacPro:


                      2.66Ghz Mac Pro 2x2 Xeon w/4GB RAM


                      Are the any people here using Fusion + Leopard + Xeon Mac successfully? Any using Linux as the guest OS?

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                        Speedbird Novice

                        Fusion was also becoming unresponsive forcing a "cold" boot in my Mac, all I did was exclude the folder containing my VMs (in my case are in "~/Documents/Virtual Machines"), after almost a whole day of crashing, read this thread's suggestion and applied the TM changes mentioned, my VMs have not crashed and are behaving normally again (Thank God!)


                        My relevant hardware specs: iMac C2D 2.1 (White iMac - Late 2006), 2Gb RAM

                        Software and VM OSes: Fusion Version 1.1rc1 (61385), Fedora Core 7, CentOS 4.5 and WinXP SP2


                        -- sb

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                          bflad Enthusiast

                          Are the any people here using Fusion + Leopard + Xeon Mac successfully? Any using Linux as the guest OS?


                          I am running this exact setup fine with multiple Linux VM's. (Ubuntu 7.04, Ubuntu 7.10, Fedora Core 7, etc.)... specifically I've compiled PHP just fine as well. I do notice that all of mine are running kernels 2.6.22+ for 64-bit.





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                            mstocum Novice

                            I have two Mac Pros here that both are choking with Leopard and VMWare 1.1rc1.  Everything seems to work except for keyboard and mouse input.  If I remote desktop in to the machine it functions perfectly.  My MacBook Pro has no issues.

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                              mstocum wrote:

                              I have two Mac Pros here that both are choking with Leopard and VMWare 1.1rc1.  Everything seems to work except for keyboard and mouse input.


                              Output of `ioreg -l -w 0 | grep SecureInput` ?

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                                ssibert Novice


                                I have a dual quad-core and I'm running Fedora7 x86_64 1cpu 384MB in a VM and XPSP2 2cpu  448MB in another VM.  They were doing fine (updated vmtools in each VM) and then they hung.  Spinning beach ball.  I was doing lots of activity ("yum update" in the Fedora7 VM) and I think Time Machine was backing up.  BUT I have always excluded the Fusion folder (where the VM's reside) from Time Machine.  I have not excluded the Fusion application.






                                I noticed something at the end of my fusion log file.  I'm not sure when the beach ball hang started but it could've been around the same time these messages were logged (all times are EDT):






                                Nov 01 10:16:36.895: vmfusion| VMHS: Connection to VM broken: cfg: /Volumes/HD-XP/Fusion/Fedora 7.vmwarevm/Fedora 7.vmx; error: Pipe connection has been broken; state: 3

                                Nov 01 10:16:36.895: vmfusion| Unmounting the vm: /Volumes/HD-XP/Fusion/Fedora 7.vmwarevm/Fedora 7.vmx

                                Nov 01 10:16:36.896: vmfusion| Unmounting VM complete: /Volumes/HD-XP/Fusion/Fedora 7.vmwarevm/Fedora 7.vmx

                                Nov 01 10:16:36.907: vmfusion| Mount state values have changed: /Volumes/HD-XP/Fusion/Fedora 7.vmwarevm/Fedora 7.vmx

                                Nov 01 10:16:36.908: vmfusion| Reloading config state: /Volumes/HD-XP/Fusion/Fedora 7.vmwarevm/Fedora 7.vmx






                                My Time Machine Prefs page shows the latest backup at 10:36am; I just installed Leopard yesterday afternoon so I don't know if that is the time TM started or ended its backup operation.  The next backup is showing to happen at 11:31am.

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                                  gazhay Lurker

                                  Mine doesn't have any output.


                                  VMFusion stalls with spinning ball and time machine enabled

                                  • 29. Re: Fusion hung on Leopard

                                    Time Machine does not play well with a bunch of things, including virtual machines. You should exclude your virtual machine directory from being backed up.