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    Exchange IS database via NetApp SnapManager or virtual disk

    CiscoKid Hot Shot

      I am currently working with a customer that has been quoted for a new VI3 configuration that will be using 2 Enterprise Licenses w/VC and a NetApp FAS270 using iSCSI. As part of the NetApp FAS270 configuration they have quoted my client with the SnapManager for Exchange license. I wanted to get a feel for what others are doing with regards to Exchange in a virtual environment. Are most just running their virtual disks on the SAN via FC/iSCSI for their IS databases/logs or would one choose to use a separate mount to the Virtual Guest running Exchange to a volume that is dedicated simply to the IS database/logs? I would think that the latter would pigeon hole the environment and would become restrictive in the ability to safely vMotion the Exchange Virtual Guest between ESX hosts...thoughts?