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    VIClient cannot access ESX 3.0.2 box using AD credenitals.

    TheBigQ Novice

      Hey all,


      Using this guide:




      I've got my ESX box to auth users against AD. The problem is, when I try to logon with the VI Client I get "Error Connecting - Permission to perform this operation was denied.". If I enter the wrong password, it says "login failed due to a bad username or password." so it seems able to work out who I am.


      If I pick a user who I've not run "useradd" for I just got the "login failed" message again.


      In the server messages I get:


      Aug 28 15:37:48 server vmware-authd(pam_unix)\[1842]: authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty= ruser= rhost=  user=myaccount

      Aug 28 15:37:49 server vmware-hostd\[1842]: pam_krb5: authentication succeeds for `myaccount

      Aug 28 15:37:49 server vmware-hostd\[1842]: Accepted password for user myaccount from


      Any ideas what else I need to do? NTP is running so the time is sync'd.


      I tried adding the user account to the root group, but it still didn't work. I've seen other posts talk about adding it to the administrators/manager group but I know how as they don't seem to exist. Am I missing something?