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    System crash(?)

    sturbitt Lurker

      I have just upgraded my VMware server to the latest version 1.0.3 and I have tried to power up my VMware machines - one Windows 2000 and one SUSE Linux 10. However, every time I go to use the mouse the VMmachine goes into a powered off state. No errors that I can see.


      Now I have rebuild my host machine (SUSE 10) as it was playing up, but I have done this a few times as I changed my host  from 32-bit to 64-bit. So it maybe nothing to do with the VMware upgrade but it all use to work and now it doesn't.


      Oh, and I have tried to re-build some new VMmachines as well and they crash as soon I start to use the mouse.


      I would give you some logs if anyone can point me in the right direction?


      Thanks for the help in advance!





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          MartinEskildsen Lurker

          I've seen something similar: I boot a W2K guest, and when it tries to change resolution the virtual machine crashes. The log shows this:


          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| MKS enabling SVGA

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| MKSHostOps XCreateImage failed

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Panic: dropping lock (was bug 49968)

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| ASSERT /build/mts/release/bora-44356/pompeii2005/bora/mks/hostops/X11Backend.c:415

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace:

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace[0] 0x42fdc5c8 eip 0x805d610

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace[1] 0x42fdc9e8 eip 0x80d592b

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace[2] 0x42fdca28 eip 0x8282125

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace[3] 0x42fdca58 eip 0x82f81da

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace[4] 0x42fdcaf8 eip 0x82f32ac

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace[5] 0x42fdcb18 eip 0x82f5549

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace[6] 0x42fdcb48 eip 0x82f81da

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace[7] 0x42fdd198 eip 0x827b994

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace[8] 0x42fdd238 eip 0x81b8433

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace[9] 0x42fdd258 eip 0x81b8656

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[10] 0x42fdd278 eip 0x81ac861

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[11] 0x42fdd298 eip 0x81b3048

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[12] 0x42fdd2b8 eip 0x81b2a75

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[13] 0x42fdd2e8 eip 0x806b7bf

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[14] 0x42fdd348 eip 0x806ae64

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[15] 0x42fdd398 eip 0x806a754

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[16] 0x42fdd3b8 eip 0x806a609

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[17] 0x42fdd3e8 eip 0x81a1f4e

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[18] 0x42fdd458 eip 0x806c5a0

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[19] 0x42fdd4c8 eip 0x40064297

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Backtrace\[20] 00000000 eip 0x402c937e

          Jun 06 13:43:03: mks| Dumping core...

          Jun 06 13:43:06: mks| Msg_Post: Error

          Jun 06 13:43:06: mks| \[msg.log.error.unrecoverable] VMware Server unrecoverable error: (mks)

          Jun 06 13:43:06: mks| ASSERT /build/mts/release/bora-44356/pompeii2005/bora/mks/hostops/X11Backend.c:415


          Now, if I go to another X11 machine, ssh in and run vmware, then everything works. So it's a local thing on my machine (SUSE 10.0, with patches).

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            SMB Expert

            I'm getting the same thing. If I connect to a VMware server by choosing localhost all the VM's on that system crash. If I need to connect to the localhost and I choose log on to a remote server then give the fqdn of the localhost, it works fine.


            Happens on both my Server 1.0.3 that run on Linux. Haven't had a chance to try our one VM that runs on a Windows host.

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              nick.couchman Champion

              This has long been an issue with VMware Server (since Beta versions).  I always recommend logging in with host/user/pass information, rather than just using the local host option.

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                SMB Expert

                Never had this problem until 1.0.3

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                  MartinEskildsen Lurker

                  My problem seems to be solved. In overview, I did something like this:


                  \* Boot W2K in Safe Mode

                  \* Upgrade VmWare Tools

                  \* Set screen resolution to something "normal" (like 800x600)

                  \* Restart


                  It took me a few attempts before it worked properly. Along the way I disabled the "autofit" options, too, and didn't re-enable them until things worked properly.

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                    sivak Lurker

                    i upgraded from FC5 to F7 and had vmware troubles. the following worked for me:


                    1. you need to rebuilt the kernel modules for VMmon and VMNet on F7. The default source kit from VMWare runs into compile/build errors. Refer to http://www.thoughtpolice.co.uk/vmware/howto/fedora-7-vmware-workstation-install.html

                    for workarounds. After following the steps mentioned there. goto step 2 for vmware tools.


                    2. Restart VM and Windows. If the vmware's vmx starting up windows segfaults after the microsoft splash screen but before seeing the "starting/applying settings.." progress dialog, then i'd suspect vmware tools. so you need to uninstall the vmware tools.

                    2.1) boot into safe mode

                    2.2) use safemsi (google it) to start the MSI service in safe mode.

                    2.3) uninstall vmware tools (ideally you should upgrade the tools, but in safe mode you cant start the vmware tools service, thus the upgrade will fail.)

                    2.4) After uninstallation reboot and you should be able to login. Now install vmware tools.


                    hope this helps.

                    Siva Kollipara


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                      Build_Interns Enthusiast

                      Hey Nick, hows ya weekend



                      Siva are you tamil sire?

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                        LasseBraun Lurker



                        It seems I have the same problem as described at the start of this thread. Connecting not directly but via remote host (onto the local machine) makes a difference, but is still no solution. The screen of the vm blanks out but then I can suspend the machine and wake it up again. Until the next mouse movement the system is stable again.

                        The vm is mainly accessed via ssh, so the mouse issue is not that dramatic (ssh -X works) but it leaves are bad feeling...

                        Any ideas?


                        Best Regards,



                        The system: Xeon 5510, 2GB, 2TB SW-RAID, vmware server 1.0.3 running on OpenSuse 10.2 supposed to run a second OpenSuse 10.2 in the VM.