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    How to Install ESX 3.x on Bull NovaScale R460 or NEC Express5800 120-Ri2

    imck@inerza.com Lurker

      Hi everyone, I just purchased two Bull NovaScale R460 (it’s the same as a NEC Express5800 120-Ri2) to do same testing with VMware Infrastructure 3 evaluation. These computers are on the ESX Server 3.x Systems Compatibility Guide, so I thought that there would be no problems.

      Well so far it’s been impossible to install ESX on any of the machines. First it fails to load the X Server during the install, so I carry on the install with the text install version. During the text install it detects the NIC ok, but it doesn’t detect the RAID controller. I download the latest drivers from LSI for REDHAT  AS 3.0 but the driver fails to load also. I’ve tried to load the LSI Mega RAID SAS Controller that comes with the product and it doesn’t load either.

      The RAID controller is an LSI MegaRAID SAS 8300XLP.

      Any idea anyone?

      Thanks to all,