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    Restore from VCB from  -FullVM backups

    taylorb Expert

      Okay, I have backed up a VM via VCB with the -FullVM option.   I retreived the backup from tape and it is sitting on a folder on my VCB (windows) server.   How do I go about restoring this VM back to the SAN and the appropriate ESX host?



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          I think the command you're looking for is vcbRestore.


          I'm not sure if you can do this from the Windows side, but from the service console side share the NTFS volume containing the VM files you want to restore in the service console using "mount -t smbfs" then run vcbRestore against the catalogue file.


          More details of the SMB mounting process in this thread:



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            AustinPowers Hot Shot

            I'm a Samba n00b and it was very complicated trying to get everything configured correctly on both sides.  I know I need to get there, but there were a hundred things I was working on at the time and just needed to get the restore done.


            It's a lot easier to do a 2-stage restore if you don't know Samba.  Just put it on the Windows side first, then use WinSCP (slower than some methods but can restart if interrupted) to copy it back to the VMFS volume.


            I also just found FastSCP from Veeam that reduces the copy time by 80%.  So far, so good in testing.

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