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    VMware stop responding - server adapters IRQ changed

    Luciano Patrao Hot Shot



      I have 2 Vmware servers. One as 7 VM, and the second have 3 VM.


      Both VMware have 2 Storage(Storage System Operation and Storage Data Files, 2 storage for vmware).


      All as working well(some small errors, but nothing serious), but after i put the vmware 1 in maintenance mode, is stops responding and never wake up from the maintenance mode.


      After a reboot on the server the vmware/linux give me this:


      0xbad0001 trying to get a valid VMKernel MAC address. Various vmkernel subsystems will provide lower quality of service


      After the server up i check all the adapters and see that i don't have any. I cant connect to the vmware by ssh, VC any kind os communications.


      After checking the configuration files, i see that some how my server change the IRQ from my adapters. I don't now how.


      I see that all the adapter are off. Dont no why, the only that is connect is the one that connects to the storage. because i can see the volumes in the linux console.


      And i see that all the important vmware services is started


      Now i cant get the server to work, and the other server is working fine.


      But my most important VM is in this vmware server and i cant get to work.


      My VM(system operation, and data files) are in the storage, but the vm configuration files are in the local storage. I can see both


      Can any one tell me how to fix this?? How ca i put the adapters online again?


      And how can i add the vm from the storage to the second vmware server to start the vm in the other machines?? I can copy the configuration files from the local storage to usb other.


      But if i add(after i change the LUN host in the EMC console) the storage to the  second vmware it will destroy data. How can add this storage without destroy the data?


      Can any one please help on both issues please? I  must start this vmware server immediately. And as a backup add the vm´s to the second vmware server


      Thank you in advance