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    Use different NICs (different chipset) on the same virtual switch

    dams Lurker

      Hi all,


      I have a problem on ESX 3.01.

      I have some IBM Server X3655 with integrated Broadcom Gb/s NIC.

      I also have an IBM PRO/1000 GT Dual Port Server Adapter by Intel on those servers.


      When a create a virtual switch with all nics, the network connectivity doesn't work, but if I create a virtual switch with only the Broadcom integrated NICs and another one with the Itel NICs all seems works correctly.


      What I'm asking is :

      "Does anyone had problems bindings different type of NICs in the same Vswitch ?"


      "When a NIC is certified, is sure that I can put in a cluster with other certified NICs ?"


      Thank you so much for your answer