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    Unexpected Unity bonus

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      I use virtual desktops in OS X (Desktop Manager 0.53) and I keep one desktop just for Windows in Fusion and another for Windows in Parallels. Today I installed the B4 version and started IE7 in Unity, then opened the webmail page at work. I switched away from that desktop to my xterm shells desktop where I'm doing some compiles on a Solaris system in London. Surprise surprise, when the webmail popup  indicating new mail popped up it did so in the current desktop, not the Fusion desktop. It's a little thing but that is very handy when I'm focused on builds and not thinking to go check incoming mail.

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          Thanks for reporting this. We have done no testing with virtual desktops so far, so expect issues. We want to play nice with Leopard's Spaces when it is released.

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            Andreas Masur Expert

            We want to play nice with Leopard's Spaces when it is released.


            Which I already appreciate...hope we do not have to wait with Fusion 1.0 until then...


            Ciao, Andreas

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              No problems at all, so far, regarding desktops, but with Unity active my mightymouse track ball acceleration is greatly reduced in IE7 with Outlook Webmail. Slow scrolls are not possible - moving the ball faster will scroll the message list but very quickly. The problem is seen only in Unity. I'll post in a separate thread.


              B4 is a winner here - I don't use 3D so don't care that it's missing, and the lowere CPU usage if great.

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                Yet another bonus: Apps running in Unity can be moved to any virtual desktop so I can pop up a Windows app and drop it into a context-appropriate virtual desktop. Example: A virtual desktop is configured for Finder sessions. I have now added a Windows Explorer to that group. I've added IE to the browser desktop, and I've added a Windows cmd session to my Xterm desktop. I have no need for multiple monitors cluttering my desk. This alone makes it worth it. Coherence never appealed to me because all the applications are bound to an invisible Windows desktop. The Unity implementation is light years ahead.