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    Priority help with Luns not being seen.

    williambishop Master

      Did a few quick searches, I'll probably get vmware involved tomorrow, but I thought someone might have some ideas...so here goes.


      I just added another bladecenter chassis, fully populated.


      I zoned the first 6 blades to the desktop vdi luns 67 and 69(2x 1T luns), masked them out on the EMC and everything was beautiful. This moved the number of hosts accessing these luns to 12. Here's where it gets hinky. Another lun(for vpn) is attached to two servers. I am unable to get anything past those blades to see the luns, though I'm sure they are correctly attached(you repeat the thing enough times, you're pretty confident). Anyway, in ECC, I can do a topology of the blades having problems, and it shows connected, and logged into the directors, it shows access links all the way to the storage.


      The blades themselves show no such thing, and a rescan is useless. So, any ideas out there guys? Personally, I'm going to bed, I'm tired...but you guys think about it. Points, of course, will be awarded.