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    Compatibility with Athlon64 X2

    pg94au Novice

      I have installed VMWare Server 1.0.3 build-44356 on an Athlon64 X2 4200+ / ASUS M2NPV-VM, with Windows 2003 Server as the host.  I've had clock and network problems when running Linux 2.6 in a VM, and have found that this is a rather common problem with the AMD dual-core CPUs.  I've also not been able to get Solaris 10 installed reliably at all.


      I can get Linux running by passing kernel parameters "clock=pit nosmp noapic nolapic", but my question is.. is there a known working configuration for an X2, that doesn't require any special measures to ensure a properly working VM (other than perhaps turning off Cool'n'Quiet?  I've turned off Cool'n'Quiet on my board, and it has no effect.  If there was a specific motherboard that could be configured so that VMWare 'just works', I'd just go and get it, and avoid any further grief.


      I don't see a hardware-compatibility list like this for VMWare Server anywhere (at least I haven't found one).  Does such a thing exist?  I've seen VMWare personnel claim that the X2's are supported CPUs in these forums, but from the experiences of many I'd say that can only be said with provisions.