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        clclclcl Lurker



        3.0.1 + SVC 4 == Guest OS W2K3 R2 32bit only.


        Am I the only one shaking my head going.... bluh bluh bluh, "WTF?"

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          Anders Expert

          Hi folks.


          VMware and IBM is fully commited to seek to provide full support for the use of the IBM SVC in a Virtual Infrastructure environment.


          But - IBM has jumped the gun here with this support statement on their web page,

          and the storage group is trying to get IBM to remove it.

          What has happened is that we have provided IBM with a recent Qlogic driver,

          for them to support a single[/b] costumer in a special configuration.

          There is no special build of ESX server, VMware support will deny you this if you request it.

          Please disregard the message from IBM.


          We are looking at providing early support in a similar manner as described,

          but our ultimate goal is full support of the SVC.

          It will however take some time...


          \- Anders

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            wearmg Novice

            Anders, Thanks for the info.  Is there any ETA on when the SVC will be supported?  We currently have 12 ESX Servers licensed for 3.x that we are very anxious to get upgraded and take advantage of the new features.  If an early adopter program is available for SVC support is there a method to request participation? Open up a support call?  I just received hardware for our 13th ESX server and was hoping to bring it online as 3.0.1 for testing when I saw IBM's support statement...


            Is there any way to find out what the extent of the problem with the older qlogic driver was so that we can judge for ourselves if it is worth testing 3.x now.  Is it just a performance issue or something more serious that could lead to data corruption or affect other systems using the SVC or the SVC itself?



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              boydd Champion

              I have an update for this thread - We got an RPQ from IBM for supporting ESX 3.0.1 on the SVC 4.1.  The supported ESX 3.0.1 build that will be supported (via RPQ) is Build 36662.  Official GA support won't be until ESX 3.0.2 is released (Summer sometime?).


              Work with your IBM reps to get an RPQ.



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                davidbarclay Master

                This might be helpful. Procedure from IBM on VI3 support on SVC:



                Process to Obtain Support for SVC with VMware ESX 3


                We are announcing that, pending full GA-level support in VMware ESX 3, IBM and VMware have agreed to an RPQ process to support SVC with VMware ESX 3 configurations.

                Support for our joint customers will be granted on a per customer per configuration basis through the IBM SVC RPQ process. No "general" or "blanket" approvals will be granted. VMware will participate with the SVC team in the RPQ process for the approval of each customer request and will have the RPQ approval number and customer name for their records.


                At this time, RPQ approvals will be given only for SVC configurations with VMware ESX 3, Windows 2003 guest hosts, and QLogic HBAs. Other guest OS versions and HBAs will be added to the supported configurations as testing is completed: we will issue further flashes to keep you informed.


                Configuration restrictions will be listed in the RPQ approval notice, which will also direct customers to the appropriate place to pick up the VMware ESX 3 patches to use until GA-level support is available.


                Until GA-level support is available from VMware, all customer service for SVC configurations with VMware ESX 3 should be requested via the IBM Support Center, using the customer's approved RPQ number even if the customer believes the problem is with VMware ESX and not with SVC.


                Customers will be expected to migrate to the final VMware product version that contains all fixes for use with SVC within 90 days of its GA. The GA of this support will terminate the interim RPQ support described above. VMware tell us that they expect GA-level support to be available in early 3Q2007. VMware has made this migration a requirement for continued customer support following their GA release.


                Account teams should use the SVC RPQ process to request support for exact configurations of SVC with VMware ESX 3 including specifically the guest OS version and HBA. Existing RPQs for SVC/VMware support do not need to be resubmitted: they will be processed and account teams will be contacted if more information is needed.




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                  MBrownHenn Enthusiast

                  This subject has been active in this thread... Nothing New from either VMware or IBM.



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