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        juchestyle Master

        You just had to bring up sms didn't you???


        Not respectfully,


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          CWedge@Amsa Expert

          For the love of everything big and small, Please VMWare make 3.0.2 or please send some engineers to patch my 16 ESX hosts and 300vm's


          And I know i don't even have close to the biggest farm...

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            nordsj Enthusiast

            The latest I've heard on 3.02 is June 20th now.. Then again depending if QA finds more issues.

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              esiebert7625 Guru

              Where did you hear that from? They're usually pretty tight-lipped about any kind of release dates.

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                davidbarclay Master

                Even if you did here that, I assume you just broke your NDA



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                  ktwebb68 Enthusiast

                  Only 16 hosts and 300 VM's.  Lucky you.


                  As far as the SMS commentary.  Sure am glad we have it here. 


                  About upgrading the tools.   What's the documented/best practice logic.  This is really the first conversation I've read where it's assumed everyone is doing it after host patches.  We're probably running tools from the original build on quite a few guests.  I've never had a problem that I am aware of. 


                  That said, I don't mind getting the SMS group to push the upgrade out to an OU.  Beyond the reboot it's painless and should work like a charm.  I'll be engaging that group to create a package and push it out to a test group first thing in the morning.  I am just curious as to what is the primary benefit   Pretty much all windows VM's syncing with DC's.  Again, never had a problem with that though I have read recommendations to use VMTools and a host sync instead of using windows time.  Which is fine, I have all my hosts syncing to an a ntp pool.


                  Veterans?  Why should I upgrade tools on 400+ VM's?  What's it buying me?  No sarcasm there.  I am genuinely interested in the reply.

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                    sbeaver Guru
                    User ModeratorsvExpert

                    Do a search someone has posted how he did a silient SMS push of the tools

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                      benny.hauk Hot Shot

                      I have let VMWare Tools get out of date as well and haven't seen issues either.  The only concern I have is that VirtualCenter will tell you to upgrade the Tools if it's out-of-date.  Like you and I have experienced though, it's not necessary that we've been able to tell.  If it's good then I'd like more explanation than "just do it" but if it's not needed then I don't want VirtualCenter to tell me it is.


                      By the way, I just noticed that one (I think only one) of the patches mentions that it is necessary to upgrade the Tools.  The patch specifically addresses an issue with the Tools, so that makes good sense.  So can we take that to mean that the other patches don't need the Tools upgraded (even if VirtualCenter reports otherwise)?


                      By the way, I just upgraded Tools this week on a VM and the upgrade caused the VM to be unbootable (BSOD on all startup modes).  Luckily it was a VM I was migrating from 2.5 to 3 so I had kept a backup of the 2.5 VMDK files.  I tried the exact same sequence but instead fully uninstalled the 2.5 tools and reinstalled the 3.01 tools fresh and this worked fine.  I migrated this VM exactly like the 30 other VMs I've migrated so far with no issues - until this time.


                      I've also heard that installing Windows updates and upgrading the Tools all without a reboot inbetween can cause the BSOD on startup also.  Rest assured there is some risk in installing the Tools.  I also ran into issue with Windows where occasionally the VM would think it got a totally new NIC therefore the static IP settings were gone and I had to go reset them before the VM would communicate on the network.  If you script it for that many VMs, I'd recommend putting some sort of Snapshotting into the scripting process (for instance:  take a snapshot, do the upgrade, once the server is up and responding on the network for a 5 minute period then delete the snapshot).


                      One thing I've gotten into the habit of is when I'm rebooting a VM for maintenance/upgrades/etc, I'll go ahead and upgrade to the latest Tools (unless, of course, it's Windows Updates I'm installing).  That seems to keep most VMs up to snuff.

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                        TiBoReR Hot Shot

                        For those using esx-autopatch.pl script to update their ESX, here is the new patchlist.txt:


                        \# ESX v3.0.1 Patch List with MD5SUMS

                        \# Updated 5/16/2007

                        \# Updated lists available at:

                        \# http://vmprofessional.com/index.php?content=resources



































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                          wila Guru
                          Community WarriorsUser ModeratorsvExpert

                          Why should I upgrade tools on 400+ VM's?

                          What's it buying me?  No sarcasm there.  I am

                          genuinely interested in the reply.


                          With the tools out of sync i've seen the VMs being less responsive as usual, then there's the "eating memory" issue which if i am reading url=http://www.vmware.com/support/vi3/doc/esx-6704314-patch.htmlthis[/url] correctly is solved now.



                          That alone is enough reason to upgrade, but with that many VMs you surely don't want to do this by hand.

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                            ktwebb68 Enthusiast

                            Thanks.  Makes sense.  I had planned on doing it anyway.  Just wanted to hear a legitimate reason.  Memory issues qualifies. :


                            I do all the patches, not al a carte so those will be done and I will certainly be leveraging SMS to upgrade the tools.

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                              ktwebb68 Enthusiast

                              Hey, does anyone know if you can run updated tools on a guest with an older build on the host.


                              I manage the VM's on my raised floor and help with another datacenter in a remote location.   The remote hosts are not patched up to date however I would like to upgrade the tools via SMS on the guests up there as well.

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                                dpomeroy Virtuoso

                                I have to agree, we need an ESX 3.0.2 release with all these patches, this is getting ridiculous. At this point in the year I have applied 3 times as many ESX patches as we have Windows 2003 patches (any I only do a subset of the ESX patches, not all of them). I don't see why an ESX 3.0.2 couldn't have been out by now and save whatever else they are working on for a 3.0.3 release.

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